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What a wonderful weekend!  I got a few things done; we made a delicious prime rib roast for our Saturday dinner, I finished my inventory list for the art show, and packed it all up.  Whew.  And gained an hour – thank goodness!  And woke up to a beautiful morning Sunday. How I love mornings!

 And I dearly love beautiful morning light, too.  This is the scene as I left Great Falls early yesterday, looking toward the Highwood Mountains in the far distant eastern sky.  It had been windy all night long, yet, much to my delight, it was quiet stillness, and a warm, peaceful morning as I headed north ninety miles, to my hometown of Chester, MT. 

 I am so, so, very honored to be invited here, and to participate in this show with my friend, mentor, and sweet artist heart, Katie Twedt!  We spent much of the day together, talking, and hanging quilts and canvases for the November Art Show “Color Connections” which will hang through the month at Liberty Village Arts Center.

 This is my first butterfly art-of-any-kind.

 I decided to take a short break, along a short country road, to an abandoned building, off the highway where I could have some privacy and take some photographs.  I shot this canvas too… which is based on a favorite song it is also named after.  “Rise and Shine!  And give God the Glory, Glory… Rise and Shine…  children of the Lord!”

 So let it be written…. SO LET IT BE DONE!

I have much to share, and I’m excited about all of it!  I’ve been working hard, and so I hope you will come back for Tuesday’s post which will be the first of a couple of giveaways I’ve got in the works!  I have {finally} edited the pictures of my free motion quilting with the new Grip & Stitch discs, and I’m eager to GIVE ONE SET AWAY, and let you know what I think about this Clever Craft Tool!  


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  1. Beautiful canvas! Many years ago I was song leader at 4-H camp and we sang this often. I taught it to my children and my now grown youngest will wake me up with it. Not so much a morning person, but morning light is quite lovely; it nearly redeems that time of day, lol.

  2. This is beautiful, Leslie! I love the photos taken outside. Such a sweet song to have in my head tonight! 🙂

  3. I'll be back tomorrow and every time. Just like a butterfly's amazing cycle I wouldn't miss stopping by as part of my rounds. It is nice when the wind doesn't furiously blow me to you as I appreciate the still quietness of a mornings stroll through your great scenery. Blessings, Les and best of luck with your show.

  4. Your region looks lovely. I am a morning person and love to hear the morning bird chorus just before sunrise. Your butterfly project is beautiful. I checked out the grippy things . They look pretty good.

  5. Oh, I love this song too and it's been so very long since I've heard it sung! Thanks for the reminder – it'll stay in my head the rest of the day!

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