A Romantic Scarf

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Looking through my baskets of fabric. Searching for just the right fabric… leads to another “Oh I remember when I bought this” moment!  And there you have it.  A scarf is born. 

No clue as to why I bought a yard or so of this… but I like the dreamy quality, and textures that show up in this material.  Perfect for a scarf.

Square up the raw edges the best you can.  Sometimes this type of fabric will slip a bit.  I cut it four inches wide.

I sewed this knit fabric using a zig zag stitch, set it for a longer length at 3.0, and let the right side swing of the needle fall off the edge of the fabric, so it created a more stable hem; almost a ‘rolled edge’ type.  (And a Bernina ‘sews on air’ beautifully!) A ball point needle is the best way to sew knits effectively and securely. I used Bottom Line 60 weight 100% polyester for my bobbin thread, and the same on the top.  Use a finer needle, like a 70/10.  I did loosen my top tension just  bit, too, for that fine thread.

I love scarves!

Simple as that.  EnJOY your day!

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