A ROSE… is a rose … is a rose… Fabric Paper Art Quilt

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MORE explorations with FABRIC PAPER!
Lynn Anderson’s Loretta Lynn’s song comes to mind “I never promised you a rose garden…!”
This one was one of my beginning experiments… it’s a little “wild” – and I look forward to playing with this technique more!  I do really like playing with the white opaque pens, but I must remember to write, before I stitch!! (there is something to be said for some pre-planning!)

Use one of those cool white opaque pens and write… clearly, or obscurely, as it strikes your mood. Black or white… or color.  I sometimes have a hard time being “messy” so this was a good exercise for me!

I love digging through the possibilities… exploring  the ‘leftovers’ of which I’ve really questioned why I was keeping them… and so now I save the cutouts from fusible cut outs, cards, newspaper clippings… anything goes!  They are kept in a specially marked plastic container, so I can FIND them! Of course, there are ribbons, and thread lace, paint… glitter. It’s a project of “found objects” from my studio and beyond!

My Bernina #43 free motion couching foot provides a cool way to add roses, and of course, texture with punch!  Thread ‘sketching’ keeps it creative, loose and free.  A bit messy… and alot FUN!  Experiment, test, grow out of that box… and see where you can find ways to experiment with paints, and all kinds of different painting techniques… spatter, splat and roll! …

Notice too, there is some thread lace in orangey/yellow at the very bottom, to the left.  That was leftover from an angel quilt that I decided I didn’t want to use… so it got tossed onto this project….

hmmm… and the finished fabric paper QUILT:

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  1. Lynn Anderson… Loretta Lynn… they were like twins to me, growing up listening to their music! And I thank my friend Terri for giving me the heads up! Smiles and more!

  2. Great project! I sometimes forget a step and do it in the wrong order too and then get mad. Sigh! I also wanted to mention that I think it was Lynn Anderson who sang that song.

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