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so. excited!

we’ve been ‘rv dreamin’ for a while now, and we finally found exactly what we were looking for a few weeks ago… and so we set out in a grand new adventure!

i wasn’t really sold on this idea in the beginning, truth be told!  but it was my husband’s dream, and he’s thrilled that i’m happily ‘on board!’

because, oh yeah… i have a nice bed, hot shower, and a ‘gourmet kitchen’ {as i call it!} on four wheels!  yay.  and i absolutely love being out in the great outdoors, taking photos, and taking in the landscapes i love with a guy {i love} who loves it all too!

for our first adventure, we headed into cody bill state park in wyoming, and then on to yellowstone park. i was so glad to see clear smoke-free blue skies ~ a mostly ‘allergy free’ zone for me!  and even if a bit chilly… that’s what a nice little furnace is for!  

fall was definitely making it’s presence known, but i so loved these beautiful views, just a few steps from waking up!

 and a windy day next to yellowstone lake at pumice point:

and from the cool, cold lake waters to the deep, incredibly colored, hot pools with their steamy facials!

oh yes, let’s not forget the iconic bison!
{i have more to show}
can’t wait to get in a few more trips…
before the …
soli deo gloria

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  1. Happy Trails Leslie and Brian, and looking forward to more of your lovely pics. Did you take your pets with you and find a Bernina sitter for your machine…she is probably cold and lonely without you! :((

  2. I so love spending time with my hubby while camping! We have never been campers before, but since dear hubby has been doing competitions and traveling, taking the camper has been wonderful. I don't have to stay home by myself anymore 🙂 There is so much to see and do while we travel. Enjoy your new home away from home.

  3. How wonderful for you and hubby!!! I love, love, love camping and we did so much of it before 'this' hubby and I got together. I had horses then so our weekends and week trips were with friends, horses and campfires! nothing better and I do miss it! I am so happy for you as I know how much fun this can be!!! Mother Nature has so much to show and give us and so many don't take advantage of her 'gifts'!

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