saying hello to autumn ~

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i love the sparkling beauty of colorful leaves, and our crisp, cool evenings that are the hallmark of this autumn season, and… courtesy of the hand of God.

here’s a quick photo i snapped in our alley one late afternoon.

and yes!  more quilting, too!  it’s no surprise i picked some autumn-like colors for my next ‘word’ quilt:

it’s coming along nicely, and just a few finishing touches left on it.  and then grace {again!} {thank God} in bold magenta pink and turquoisey blues and periwinkle purples.  i love writing in fabric!!  now i just have to make a decision on what i will do with the rest of the space on this beauty.

and… of course, i have more feathers to show and several other runners to put binding on…  my list is growing {again!} 

and a rare photo… of me!  taken by my best guy last sunday.  just so i could show y’all my new maxi skirt, and this beautiful autumn morning. {three skirts sewn… one to go!} 

and for brian’s amusement… i struck ‘the pose’ … hmm.  it made him laugh, so it was fun for me!! 

hope you are lovin’ your autumn, too!  i’m taking photos everywhere i can, and instagram {name: marveles} is my favorite place to hang out and post them from my iphone.  such beauty along the river in the sunrise mornings … maybe you’ll follow along?!

enjoy!  and thanks for hangin’ out here!

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  1. Oh Leslie, how beautiful you are and your art is a reflection of all of your God given beauty. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me daily. I thank God for you! I love your art, your writing, your photos, your Godly wisdom, your sharing, and your heart! xxxooo

  2. Leslie,
    Once again I'm mesmerized by the beauty of your quilting, the GRACEful curves, gorgeous threads, and now the beautiful structure of the letters forming words — it all comes together in one harmonious piece after another. It always stops me in my tracks, so I sit for a moment, admiring your latest piece. Thanks for sharing again and again!

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