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hi all ~

cleaning up {just a little}.  actually, i’ve had these ready to give away for awhile … just getting around to it now.

and… i loved each and every one of these patterns.  some i made once, some were made twice.  and a couple… not at all!

and i realize i will probably never ever make them again.  {but i loved the trip}.

i hope someone “out there” will be interested… maybe you know someone who would like them?  or perhaps yourself?  

i hope so! because “sew be it” patterns are super easy, have well written instructions, and are a fun patterns to not only piece, but to quilt as well.  one of the best ways to learn, is to start with a pattern you love, first. {i did ~ i still do}

just leave a comment.  i’m sending all seven cool patterns to one person, whom will be chosen randomly on sunday, january 5th.  

“Sew Be It!”

thank you!

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  1. I would give them to my friend here in Florida! She works with women @ the local prison…they make dolls, quilts,etc. Which are given away. I sent two boxes of items for her from my friends & I & ladies were thrilled…so nice of you to give away!

  2. These all look wonderful – As a beginning quilter all too often I look at patterns and feel overwhelmed, but these are all cute and don't appear to be beyond my skills.

  3. I'm not familiar with that line of patterns, but I can see that they are gorgeous! Of course, anything that inspires you is inherently worth having :*) Happy New Year!!!

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