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Hope your Valentine was sweet on you this week… today… and forever more!

Slowly… surely and (sometimes not!), I’ve been playing with quilting and embellishment ideas for this paper fabric piece, originally previewed here.

So time to begin… with the beginning! Proverbs 31:25 was the inspirational verse, as I had tucked bits and pieces of it in the paper fabric base when I was making it.  King Tut in black was the choice for the thread.  Masterpiece in black was my choice for the bobbin thread.

Not such great pics… but maybe better ones with some brighter days ahead. 

Now what?  At least, that was my thought after this quilting was done.  Binding finish?  Fabric or yarn?  Both?  Quilting designs?  Beads?  Flowers?  Do I want to add some more color?  (likely that’s a yes)… AND SEW ON!

Thanks for stopping in!

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  1. Les, is more. I like the black stitching. I would tend to keep the understated strength and dignity. But then, there isn't too much that is subtle about laughing. and sew it goes!!! 8)

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