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hi there sweet readers ~

being a western, country-type gal, yes i do love leather!  i swear i could collect cowboy boots just becuase of the pretty stitching, styles, designs… and cuz… well, they’re boots!  {i love boots}

but back to the subject at hand… i really love how easy it is to quilt on! all it requires is a 90/14 leather needle. this faux leather fabric is also completely washable, and it’s a polyester type of fabric, and very durable, too.

now, as to the quilting on this particular piece, i think it’s a bit over the top.  although the quilting itself is very nice, i’m not a fan of the thread color choices. and i’m starting to become more picky about how the feathers look.  i’m growing to prefer a more open feather and i think the overall look of this piece would have been a bit more attractive had i kept things  simpler {and far more open} in motif, and in thread.  but… that is how one learns!  experience is always the best teacher, isn’t it!

lots of color happening!  while i love the colors… i think it’s too much of just too many different colors.  yellow… orange… green… pink and turquoise!  too much!  {although it’s very pretty!}

and i do have to say… the beauty of hand-dyed fabric {by miss chris daly!} on the back of this piece makes it extra special in my opinion! i truly ~ {almost drool} {sorry if that is gross!}  … but it’s true!  lol

and look how gorgeous the quilting is from the back?  not all the distraction of the thread colors as the front has… right? don’t you think so too?  i’m not saying i hate it.  just sayin’ it’s a lot less complicated looking, and pleasing to the eye.  a place to rest the eye, and take in the beautiful design without getting over stimulated!  {this fabric dyed by the super-talented miss chris daly!}

Summer Fiesta available in my Etsy shop!
“sew it goes!”
and a lot {LOT} of time was spent on this one.  and now that i am ‘hooked on leather’ {remember hooked on phonics?} i’m on the look-out for other faux leather fabrics to quilt on!
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thanks for stopping in!

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  1. I love love love boots and wear mine all the time 🙂 This is truly amazing..visited your Etsy shop=gorgeous! Hope your weekend is fantastic Leslie!

  2. Leslie, your stitching is so beautiful and so inspiring! Love, love, love your feathers!

    Thanks for mentioning my hand dyed fabrics!

  3. ah, experience! lol And "although it is very pretty", I also like the back! very nice and three cheers for 'experience'!!!

  4. Oh I love this leather piece. This looks amazing, but yes, I agree with you on your take that less stitching and more leather might have worked better, the leather has such yummy texture. Why aren't you designing your own leather boots??????xox

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