Sheree Nelson BRACELET and CHRISTMAS Tag

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It’s been looking alot like Christmas in our State this past month, and actually we’ve got 6 inches of NEW SNOW as of this moring!  But yesterday, we decided to brave the cold and get out and go see “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” – the third movie made from the classic C.S. Lewis books.  I hope you will see it, and better, take your family out!  We LOVED it!  We can’t wait for the next one!

I’m not doing alot of sewing projects this Christmas week… but have LOTS of ideas and plans for more just after the new year.  This week I am making an effort to enjoy a relaxed pace as we look forward to the weekend with family, and contemplating the gift of Jesus’s birth to us. 

I am eager to share with you pictures I took of a beautiful bracelet I received from a dear friend.   I really admire handwork as a whole, and the hand-beading, lovely color and style of this bracelet made by local artist Sheree Nelson is quite beautiful to behold!  It is on a base of black wool, with velcro for attaching around your wrist.  I hope you will go and check out her website. I just recently meet Sheree Nelson briefly when I happened to stop in at our local Gallery 16, where I saw her working on some pieces.  Cool!  I was thrilled to receive one!

And… an unexpected treasure that came with this gift was a most unusual, and incredible ‘gift tag’ that came with my bracelet, also made by Sheree.  Frankly, it’s stunning in it’s craftmanship… amazing!   Although I’m not entirely sure, I believe the tag was made by using recycled metal from pop cans… and detailed/embossed by Sheree… this tag is only about 2″x 3″ long and the most amazing, perfectly intricate tiny cross; so tiny I’m not sure it’s more than a 1/4″ in size.  Then the word “Amen” is also written in the center of the piece… did I say amazing enough times?!  Judge for yourself, and I hope you… EnJOY, as always!  Here are the pics:

Look her up! 

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