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hi and good morning to you all ~

yes.  {more} sweet little zippered pouches!  hope you’ll stick with me as i show some of my latest inspirations… i’m really excited about all the creative possibilities with this fun project, and i can’t wait to get some classes started ~ at least locally, hopefully!

so… i have this “vintage” stash of linens; some of them given to me, some of them purchased from etsy a while ago.  they are not in good enough shape to “use” per say, as some are stained and have holes in them.  this particular one was a hankerchief, and i cut it into quarters, using the best part of it, and carefully stitched around the perimeter, attaching it onto this beautiful colorway of periwinkle blues and red purple batik fabric which is the base of this bag:

i did seriously consider free motion stitching around the raised images… but felt it might further damage the delicate linen of this vintage piece. so i left it well-enough-alone!  {although if i was a hand-quilter}…. it would be very charming, i’m pretty sure… 

these beautiful zippers!  apparently, they are all the popular thing now, as i see there is a great collection in many quilting stores locally.  i’d guess there are at least 25-30 colors, with 2-3 color values in each major color.  so very fun, and fairly inexpensive, as far as notions go, that is!  $1.15 is what i paid here.

i have a couple more design goals to go… stick with me?!  i’m getting ready to head into autumn with my color schemes!  and of course… dab into the yo-yo stash i’ve been making in my “down” time!  

wait… is there any down time?  nope!  it’s all really sweet. really.  sweet!  and i love it!

blessings for a sweet day, today.

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  1. I have a few precious handkies that I will never give away. One is from my boyfriend's grandma… a little Italian lady who couldn't speak to her grandkids… They only spoke English, and she only spoke Italian. Isn't that heartbreaking? His mom had to translate everything.
    And the other was a gift from my Aunt Mary to her sister, my Mom when they were teens… a very pretty and tiny monogram in petie point…? Gorgeous.
    Your bag is gorgeous. Love the fabrics, and the 1/4 of romance. The edging is tatted lace. My Mom used to tat. Thanks for the remembrances.

  2. I love to see all your zippered pouches! This one is pretty. I have a box ful of linens that I never use but can't bear to give away. Great idea.

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