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hi all ~

when i was first learning free motion, I purchased books.  and many of them were not so helpful!  {and i didn’t appreciate spending my $ on them!}  at that time, there was no internet, nor blogs… or actually, local access to good teachers who were teaching free motion.  {which was one of the major reasons i became one}.

the books that are the subject of today’s post are ones that i still recommend today, taking them to classes I teach, too. in that light, here are two of my favorites.  {oh yes, i have more} but just a couple for today, which I feel are worthwhile…

first up ~ “my little book of machine quilting designs” by laura heine, of fiberworks, a wonderful quilt shop in billings.  i did a search on her online site but was unable to determine whether she still markets this book she created.  i’m sure if you call them… you can check on it.  but the great news is that you can create your own, very simply, by doodling on blank pages, or ideas of any kind ~ and saving them in a notebook {as i have done ~ view here and here!}

laura has another nice book, which i also bought, called “color fusion.”  and i think it’s a great resource, too.


the cover of “my little book”  below:

and a few designs from inside:

great ideas!

simply done:

another favorite, by kathy sandbach, “show me how to machine quilt” is cool, for a couple reasons.  first, there are really fun, interesting, and simple designs, as well.  but then the book illustrates a full quilt, with a “faded” image, and the designs are shown,  {see below images} for free motion quilting: 

it’s still available ~ you can find it on amazon, here. she has written three books; they are are available on amazon, all you need do is search her name, and they will come up so you can check them all out! {i have all of them!}

this is the “faded” image of a whole quilt and the motifs are illustrated on each section within that quilt pattern:

and more designs:

and great tips!  {you do have machine quilting gloves, right?} 

these three books are just several of my top twenty list! 

they are still great resources and because we all have limited $’s, i recognize that many of these choices are certainly personal but ~ i wished i would have had someone to point me in the right direction {and saved me some bucks!}

anyway,  i have TWO of Laura’s “little book of designs” {the first book, above}, and i’m going to give one away!  just comment today, {be sure to leave an email if you are no-reply} and i’ll post a winner next friday, February 14th! {happy valentine’s day!}

and…stay tuned!  i have more to share on books, so i hope you’ll come back and check it all out.

blessings ~

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  1. I am pretty new to the quilting world…and loving it! Have not been brave enough to attempt FMQ yet tho. This book would be such an encouragement!!

  2. I grit my teeth when I'm free-motion quilting, because it's a task I have to do, but hate. Maybe your book would help…..thanks for the chance to win!

  3. It's so funny that I just discovered your blog. I picked up an armload of FMQ books at the library yesterday but none of them spoke to me. Based on your reviews I've ordered Machine Quilting Made Easy from Abe Books and will get Kathy Sandbach's book from the library. Now I just need "My Little Book of Quilting Designs" to see each author's approach. Sure hope you pick my name!

  4. If you are looking for a good online source with lots of step by step videos on free motion machine quilting, try Also, Quiltmaker magazine has been running and will continue to run a series on machine quilting with Natalie Bonner.

  5. If these are the books that inspired you, then I'm going to read them! I love your quilting. Thanks so much for the chance to win one!

  6. Good to know about those books. I have quite a few FMQ books in my library and some are definitely better than others. Thanks for the chance!!♥

  7. Thank you for the opportunity to win!!! I love doodling, FMQing, sewing, and inspiration from those around us!!! This sounds like an awesome book!!

  8. Hi Leslie, Would love to add that book to my quilting library! Yes, I have the second one, which is great.
    Thank you for keeping me inspired!

  9. Would love to add this book to my quilting library! I'm also going to look on Amazon for the second one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on books that help you.

  10. Hi Leslie, Thank you for all the great lessons from FM quilting and hyper quilting to bobbin play, couching and thread play!!! I brag on you everywhere I go! I am at a sewing retreat and I've already connected two gals with your blog! I've even begun to sketch, ha! I've never been artistic but you make it sound so simple that I had to give it a try. My daughter saw my drawings and was shocked and said, "mom, you are an artist" (wannabe, more like it! :-)) I am having so much fun!! Thanks for sharing with us! The books sound wonderful.

  11. I think the quilting is the most difficult design challenge of the whole quilting process. I have clip boards scattered around the house for quilt design doodling but really need to get a better system.
    In the early quilting days it was really difficult to get any books of guidance let alone good ones. So much has changed for the good.

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