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Have you ever watched “The Price is Right” TV show with Bob Barker?  I’m sure some of you have, and you may recall at the end of the show, it’s time for the top winners to be in what is called “The Showcase.”  Well… here are some REAL winners in my book:

And that… my dear friends, is kind of how I feel!  I get to see the absolutely WINNING results of these gals’ inspiration, and I’m really excited to SHARE them here on this blog.   The first series of pictures is from JEAN L. in South Carolina, who is going to town with with some quite spectacular and colorful play action here! Such interesting textures she’s created with her beautiful quilting.  Nice thread action Jean!  What do you all think? 

 I just wish I could get my hands on it!  I think I could look at this piece for a long time, taking in all the deliciousness!  How about you?

 Nice couching!

And the red and white free motion below is by  SANDY  W.  a massage therapist in Florida.  I encourage you to go to her Blissful Living blog to view her thoughts on processing, creating, and pushing through the fear! Just click here to see her post – it’s an an amazing journey isn’t it Sandy?!  I’m so proud of you —  YOU GO SISTER!  She made this project into something extraordinary!  Ain’t is just “A Wonderful Life?!”   That’s how to do it!  KEEP IT UP Miss Sandy!  This will be eye mask for her clients, as she is a massage/physical therapist.  Ain’t it cool?!!

 Nice and dainty quilting, which is very challenging to do!  Hey – it’s not ‘from her machine’ — it’s from her hands, and her heart, just like her massage business!  And I love the free motion action of the heart quilting within the mask, and those great flowery motifs.  Now honestly, who wouldn’t want one of those?!  I think she may have another business on her hands?  Be prepared Miss Sandy… God’s plans are WAY bigger than anything we could possibly imagine….!!!!!

And last, but in no way, least — my sweet Texas friend, Linda Sue — you are such a clever one!  How blessed I was when I drew your name for my first ever giveaway, earlier this winter and your computer crashed!  So began a lovely and sweet refreshing friendship!  So… when she received the wrapped spools I sent her, she promptly took out the organza and popped them onto a necklace with beads in between. You betcha!  And… I bet she gets some ‘up close and personal’  inquiries when wearing this jewel to the next Christmas PAR-TEE!  YAYEAH Girl!  I think she needs to send me a picture of her wearing it!  Don’t you?

Merry Christmas!   
THANK YOU ladies, for sharing what you’ve created with me.  It’s a fabulous showcase I am privileged to see! 
And by the way, it’s not the beautiful quilting or wonderful creations that were made… it’s the beauty within, your sweet friendship to me, and the fearlessness that is so amazing.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing these wonderful projects with us. Love the creativity ….. I think the spool necklaces would be a terrific project for my oldest granddaughter.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. There is so much talent out there, I don't think we will ever see it all, but we get to see a lot more because of people like you. God bless.

  3. Thank you Leslie, I believe you are God's greates cheerleader giving us so much hope, love, and inspiration and the love of God!
    Thank yo uJean and Linda Sue, you do such beautiful work! I love it all!

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