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A FIESTA… no Siesta going on here… but if y’all have a more creative title for this piece, I’d LOVE to hear it!

I do really love bold colors, and the lovely rayon ric rac yarn featured here has been a favorite for many projects.  And this is the last of the silk fabric scraps I found stashed away!  I’m pretty happy about all the little samples I’ve made with it.

I love using my zig zag in free motion, and this was also another opportunity for me to use my favorite silver metallic thread GLITTER from Superior Thread Co.   In this piece, you can see, hopefully – my “zig zag jewels” and a then I did some straight stitching in between the yarn rows… but not everywhere!  That would have been predictable, and… not to mention… very boring. At least it would have been for me!

And… this is where knowing your machine can really pay off… in Bernina Land, it’s referred to as ‘temporary altered stitch memory’ and you can learn lots more about a free motion zig zag in a post here

Yessss…! The free motion couching foot #43 really wins the supporting role on this project;  the gorgeous yarn gets the ‘best actress’ award!
In case you missed that blog on the #43 foot, you can find it here.

Yup… Phil’s fabric for the binding – again.  (Phillip Jacobs, fabric designer, not my personal friend or anything like that!)  I just like that fabric so much I’ve started calling it that!

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