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simple sewing.

i love it!  and lately, that’s exactly what i’ve been in the mood to do.  these classic kitchen towels are simply one of my all-time favorite items to “just sew.” then ~ just add pretties to a pre-purchased towel.  what could be simpler?!  🙂

i keep these practical, basic kitchen towels on hand as i am always falling in love with the new colors, styles, or patterns, purchasing them from my favorite quilt stores here in great falls.  they cost around $5-$6 a piece.  

and then ~ when the mood strikes, the fun begins!  and it’s time to dive in ~ {and play}, with the gorgeous stash of trims i’ve collected to come up with a ‘specially designed’ towel.  

with a few simple designs, ribbons, fabric and trims, you too, can create a ‘custom’ and very sweet-to-give, gift!

and next time… i’ll share some of those very basic processes, with helpful hints and tips and placement secrets.
{i’ve listed the extra towels in the etsy shop!}
and thanks for coming on by!
blessings ~


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  1. Love this idea. I always thing of embroidering towels but never get it done. This is something I could get done and would make great gifts. Thanks for the idea

  2. Even your kitchen towels are a work of beauty! They are so beautiful. Most people wouldn't use them because they are too pretty.

  3. How sweet, Leslie! I love to do towels sometimes too but I must say we can't get such a nice array of colors here.
    They are beautiful!

  4. What a nice idea to pimp up the towels! And by this, they are really great presents for good friends. 😀
    Greetings, Rike

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