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hello sweet readers ~

have i told you lately…

how much i love sewing. quilting. coloring. drawing. doodling. writing?

but did you know?
… they don’t necessarily come ‘naturally’ ~

even more importantly, did you know…

“the narrow gate”  ~ watercolor card

… they are disciplines? 

bear with me in delving into the nuances of the word “discipline” pretty please?  typically, we tend to view discipline  as a harsh punishment. however, websters dictionary, in the fullness of the definition, describes it as: 

~ instruction.
~ a field of study
~ training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties, or moral character
~ control gained by enforcing {i say reinforcing} obedience or order
~ orderly or a prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior
~ self-control
~ a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity

the making. building. learning. perfecting, and creating of anything ~ {like art} ~ is a discipline. truly and surely just as each of us breathes oxygen!  

it isn’t as much a matter of “talent” ~ but of habit.  willingness. study, time, and patience. {yes, definitely patience!}

the art of creating is a many-splendored {and disciplined} thing!  

ongoing mixed media sunflower

i have found the daily practice of a craft, in finding and relying on a working knowledge, building upon a basic rudimentary skill, {no matter what you do} is what makes it more of a discipline ~ and many times, turns it into an exploration.  do you love it?  {that certainly helps ~ but is not required}.  do you naturally gravitate towards something?  probably. that’s a key, for sure. 

but anyone… can learn to do almost anything.  we definitely have our strengths… but most of it is {cultivating} a discipline. think of it as planting seeds…

just as pertinent and applicable in art, as it is in a relationship with God, prayer time, our friends, or a work ethic. 

and i emphasize the word:  developing ~ {aka discipline}.

i never thought i could draw, much less do a simplistic watercolor.  but i enjoy it… not because i practice, but because i’ve cultivated it… it may not go much farther.  

and that’s okay.  there is much joy in just trying.  in discovery. but there is {more} ~ way more… to enjoy in the discipline. 

as with everything, in all we do ~ art, work, or discipline… just begin.  

and do it the best you can.

blessings on your weekend!

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  1. I make garments also and people say to me I wish I could sew; yup, I was born being able to tailor this lovely jacket, NOT! I see you said the same thing about talent in the butterfly post below. I wouldn't cut that quilt up because you have moved beyond it, way beyond it but give it to someone who will cherish it, as in someone who doesn't sew.

  2. Love this definition and your words. I guess I've been practicing discipline everyday now for many years with my creativity and artwork. I just wish I could apply it more to my weight loss! I keep working on it.

  3. I was just cleaning up my messy desk and I came across this quote on a piece of paper- Discipline gives freedom! Should have wrote down who said it but … 😉 I definitely agree with you.

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