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Hi everybody!  I have truly missed the blog world for the past week, and here’s to wishing you all a Happy September, even if it almost a third over now. I hope you had a sweet, sweet Summer, and if you have children, they are settled and finding their groove in their school settings.
Aiden’s first football!

We’ve been logging on the miles in Idaho and Washington ~ some very long road trips.  First to Idaho to visit Brian’s Mom, and a small family get-together with Brian’s older sons, and brothers, then on to celebrate our grandbaby Aiden’s first birthday with his Mom and Dad in Kennewick, WA and back to Idaho.  Then on to Spokane, WA, where my dear Mother-In-Law had surgery to remove a tumor of lung cancer.  It has turned out well, and she came through the surgery very well, with a 98% chance from the Dr’s that the cancer does not appear to have gone into the lymph nodes.  Alleluia and Amen! 

Aiden getting help opening presents with his Aunt Amanda
I love this little blond head, dark eyelashes, and cute little {chubby} belly!

In between all, I had time to bring out my sketchbook while waiting through surgery, and even found I could watercolor with the Peerless watercolors easily in the car, especially with a waterbrush.  A few bumps on the road only adds to the great creative adventure?!

 And… we are SO GLAD TO BE HOME!!  I’m miles behind, but it’s like putting lotion on dry skin… it just feels so GOOD and comfortable to be back home.

It’s a little slice of heaven on earth, no doubt about it.  We are indeed, blessed.  
Have a great week!


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  1. Welcome home! You were dearly missed :*) Aiden looks like such a sweetie and I know you enjoyed seeing him! Good news on your mother-in-law – AMEN!!!

  2. I'm glad your home safe and happy after all that driving. Glad that your mother-in-laws surgery went well. It must have been scary.
    And isn't he just a little cutie! What a perfect picture with the belly. So sweet!

  3. Welcome back, Les. Kute Kid! ;^) Glad for all the good news. And yes any holiday means catch up when you return. We missed ya! Watercolours in a car. oye, I get car sick! 🙁

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