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hi there  ~

another sketchbook page ~ a watercolor and gelli printed combo.  and a bit of  a doodle… {and a listening ear}

the word:  listen.

i took gelli-printed papers, and tore them.  i glued them a page of my watercolor sketchbook and used them as a border.

then… there was this empty “big blue space” to do… what? well… something! it’s been blank for a long while now.  time to pay attention.  

and for me ~ that would mean listening. 

listening is simply done, really.  another good habit to cultivate {and be disciplined to}…

and this particular page is simple, as well. “listen” was doodled in black pen, and then filled in with a metallic silver gelly roll pen. 

lean in. stop.  look.  and {listen}.

be present… in this place. right now.  there is a place here… full of promises that God’s got for you.  

for me.  

for us.

have a discerning {and listening} day.

God bless ya!

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  1. Oh, Boy …. this resonated with me! I have a horrible habit of interrupting people and not listening (especially annoying to DH …. sigh).

    Maybe I should make "Listen" my word for the year!

  2. I like the word , Leslie. Listening is something we could all do more of. To me it's twofold– slowing down in our daily life and listening to the world, and taking the time to hold our tongues and listen to others.
    Great food for thought.

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