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Lately I have spoken about the photo technology and convenience of having {and loving to use} an iPhone, which I have had now for two months.  This is my very own first ‘smart phone’ and I’m really enjoying it and one of the things I’m {finally} grasping, is how I can take pictures instantly and conveniently of things that inspire me.  

So here’s a sampling of some of those very things!  From two super cute and very quaint little home stores we visited this past summer as were shopping on a stormy morning at the lake, in the town of Polson this past summer.

 Isn’t this bench adorable?!  Love that picket fence back.  And the piece below?!  How stinkin’ charming is this?  And how easy!  Got a broken chair?  Well, here ya go… don’t even need a pattern… or instructions!  {every man’s dream}, my hubby should love to make one, right?!

 and I saw this phrase on the plaque shown below and thought how fun it would be to journal this into my sketchbook:

So let it be said, and let it be done!   I love it.

Live Inspired!  Oh… the possibilities!


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  1. Amazing to actually USE the technology; never thought I would be one to say I love my cell phone {iphone} but i was proven wrong, and this just goes to show it can be lots of fun – at least for art types like me, {us!} for sure! Thanks so much Jennifer!

  2. Thanks Val… it's pretty darn cool when one learns to use what is so easily 'before my very eyes!' I used to think I could remember these things… not so much anymore! Love it for that, and it was REALLY REALLY fun to journal, as you said – it's a good {make that great} thing to remember!

  3. Love seeing your great photos from you smart phone, Leslie! I will need a new phone soon and maybe I will get an iphone. Right now I have fun using my ipod! 🙂 Love this new 'believe' page!!

  4. It must be great to be able to snap a picture anywhere. It takes good photos too. I love the shelf! And you can make even a doodle beautiful!

  5. I too love the instant photo thing. I like to use my iPad though. While I was in Florence I found some driving gloves for hubby and sent him a photo to make sure they were just what he wanted. I was thrilled to see that you did actually put the saying in your journal. It looks great and is a good thing to remember.

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