Sketchbook ~ Overcome

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From a couple of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis, and my Oswald Chambers devotional, illustrated in my sketchbook.

Of course, there is Peerless Watercolors.  Twinkling H2o’s, my black Pitt Pen, and the Moleskine Watercolor journal, all gathered together with their pen pals (glitter pens and more!) in a small little pink bag… and they travel with me everywhere I go… there is some advertisement in the back of my mind – “don’t leave home without it!”  That’s how I …. “roll!”

Have a wonderful day y’all!
{that’s a Montana drawl by the way! lol}

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  1. Overcoming here. First to overcome is managing my time. My sketchbook is full of white out blizzard pages, kinda tone on tone if you please! LOL

  2. It looks very cool. Thanks for your encouragement concerning my new camera. I'm taking it slow, but I'm sure I will enjoy using the new Nikon.

  3. Hi Leslie! Your pieces are so wonderful and exuberant! I what a great idea to carry it all with you. I have a few of the Twinkling H2Os. They would be easy to carry. I
    picked up a white out pen which worked fine the first time but only the next day it didn't seem to want to work no matter how hard I squeezed. Have you had that problem? Do you use a particular brand?

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