Sketchbook ~ Poppies

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The poppies are now long gone… but I couldn’t help but think of them as I flooded my journal page with bright, bold colors. 


I have always loved orange and hot pink together. 

How about you?  Do you have a favorite combo?

Blessings on your FRIDAY!  Yay! And one of my favorite things about Fridays is the “In the Studio” with Studio JRU and friends.  Hooray!

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  1. How beautiful! You know, I'm going to a surprise party this weekend and the decor is pink and orange! It's beautiful. The hostess made flowers from tissue paper…soo beautiful. Your work reminds me of her decorations. =)

  2. These are simply beautiful – so free flowing – you are really letting your creative heart sing! {Thank you for all your sweet comments, too ☺}

  3. I do love poppies, mine are deep red with black centers IRL. Love your page and the feel that poppies have, blowing in the wind! TFS!

  4. This is so pretty!! I love poppy petals. 🙂 A gorgeous color combo. Can't say I have a favorite… I have too many 'favorites'. LOL

  5. Wow… those colors just POP! Hehe… um… pardon the pun! But really – I DO love Bright Orange and Hot Pink together! My fav combo is Turq & Purple… great job!

  6. yes, i also love bright pink and orange together the brighter…the better..;), love your poppies and the background you have created…

  7. What a beautiful page! I think you have such a great design and color sense. The little black flowers in the foreground add a touch of whimsy. Do you mind if I ask what size your sketchbook is?
    I'm currently on a pink and orange streak too. I also love analogous combinations like green/ blue or red/ orange, purple / red. Love purple and orange too!

  8. Favourite combo? now which of the many… Yellow is my favourite and with some pink which can lean into orange for sure. In a cooler mood I do like aqua and periwinkle.

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