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Harvest has wrapped up mostly here in Montana.  I love the wheat fields – they are so awesome.  

So here is another sketch ~ and some play action not only with the Peerless Watercolors, but with some of my Gelly metallic pens.  I of course, love the bright colors, but I added a touch of red to the wheat stalks, and I really like how they add that bit of mystery and drama, which reminded me of the photos I took like the one above, which I posted about the Highwood Bench – wheat country in late July. 

I also added a bit of Twinkling H2O’s to the background for a bit of sparkle. {and because it’s super fun!}

And you won’t be one bit surprised to see that I’ve added the infamous ‘white dots’ to the bottom of the page with my “Wite-Out” pen.  What can I say?  I love playing with it. Heck, I just love playing with art supplies!!  {Who knew?!}

EnJOY.  Be Thankful.  
And pray for rain!  We need it badly. Note: Joining a beautiful group of artists and encouragers on STUDIO JRU Friday!  Check it out… you will be blessed!

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  1. Oh my goodness… I *love* this. One of my favorites from you. Wheat is so beautiful and you were inspired by it wonderfully!! The colors are fantastic! 🙂

  2. Thank you Laura; it's a pleasure to have you from Studio JRU! Love Bozeman area, but I feel that way about most of Montana! Thanks again!

  3. Oh I love your wheat paintings. We lived in Bozeman for a few years. The landscape certainly does inspire. Stopping by from Studio JRU.

  4. What a Creator to make such creations! We are blessed to be given eyes to SEE what is all about us and then try to capture in our own way. Just lovely.You constantly remind me to really look!

  5. the shiny bits on the wheat berries are my gelly roll metallic pens. I know – they are gorgeous aren't they?! Thanks Margi – happy Friday girl!

  6. thank you Cindy; I do love fall too… I feel as it's our sweet embrace and compensation for saying goodbye to summer!

  7. So blessed to find you, and 'meet' you here, too! Thanks so very much and looking forward to … more!!

  8. Yes!! I have 'plans' for all of my sketches, Deborah! LOL thing is — time! But I do find it makes for great ideas… it's the execution in getting them done. I can't even write them down fast enough. But I find it (the sketching) really does help, and I want to try and paint this scene on fabric, and add STITCHING… 'itchin to stitch' soon… my eyes are better, and my new glasses have arrived!! YAY!

  9. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your sweet encouragement, so nice to meet you out here in the blogosphere 🙂 Your work is fabulous!!

  10. Fun, fun! Yes, let's just pray rain – or snow – and get these fires out! As well as take care of the drought. Love your waves of grain.

  11. I had to look twice because it looked like you had hand-embroidered chain stitchs on the paper but that must be the H2O's. Of course, it is gorgeous!!!!

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