December 26th ~ A Bethlehem

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Hi there!  Welcome back from the Christmas festivities.  I hope it was calm, and bright for you all!  I had a bit of time to finish up a couple small projects I made as package toppers…  Bookmarks for my special ‘adopted’ daughters, Rachel and Katie, who are a Junior and Senior in college now, and for their Moms, my dear friends and Sisters… Annette and Lisa. I like these better than a bow on a package!!

A fun application to choose some decorative stitches to add… as well as ribbons and other ‘leftover’ things I always keep in my studio.  It’s important, I have found, to keep these ‘little bits and pieces’ very handy, and in one tupperware container. Now I don’t always do it that way, and sometimes I just cut bits and pieces off the original reel or skein; whichever works best for me at the time I want to get the party started with my sewing machine!

Ah.  There’s the sparkle I love about this ribbon!  And these are cut from my fabric paper ‘not-so-fond-of’ pieces, and they become so much more interesting visually when they get cut up from the original large piece.  I love using them in this way.  “Sew” fun to personalize, too.  And the flower is a fused cut out from a large scale piece of fabric.

Embellished with some ‘fly-by-night’ organza that has lots of color, sparkle and ‘come hither’ interest; I initially tack it down with my glue stick, as it is so very flimsy.  But I love her look!

 And text… can’t get enough of some text showing up hither and yon!

This next piece was cut out into a heart shape for Lisa.

And I have a few more stacks I’ve made… can’t wait to dive in.  A whole day to sew.  Yippee Skipee!  

 And I was very much taken by the words on my Max Lucado devotion for DECEMBER 26th, which sits on my desk…

 I hope you have a very sweet day and every place you live will be a  Bethlehem as we go forward into this holiday week, treasuring Christmas in our hearts. 

 More thoughts.  More writing.  More thinking about quilting and projects I want to tackle and finish.  And always, more pictures coming! 



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  1. ah, MarveLes Leslie, did you know…

    But I don't know how you get your lettering on. The 4th and 5th photos in particular show writing on top of the background. Do you scan/print, screen print or stamp? This inquiring mind needs to know!

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