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Alleluia!  Instead of rain… we got snow.  Cool!  From 63 degrees one day, to 23 the next.  Gotta love it.  {well maybe you don’t… but I DO!}

The storm clouds rolling in at 5pm on Tuesday evening, as I left the courthouse… stunning!  So I snapped this on my iphone. 

We headed out to Highwood for our Wednesday evening bible study, and the clouds were again ‘showin off’ for us.  And the pretty white blanket on the mountains.  My son’s ranch received about 4-5 inches.  We are so thankful.  Hopefully, this puts a real DAMPer on the fires in the mountains of the west… and much, much, MUCH needed moisture.  This is our FIRST… since June of this year.  We are so THANKFUL!

I’m looking forward to four days at home, with the long, federal holiday, three-day weekend… yay, yay, yay! Got a couple fun projects to share… and ~

Sewing studio… here I come!  Playing studio… here I come.  Camera time… here I go!  {and clean house} and play with puppies… {and take a deep breath!} 

And the weather makes me crave my Gramma Ila’s potato soup.  So I will be making that, and filling up the house with some great aromas, and fresh hot bread first on the menu for Friday evening! Yum.  I can’t wait!!


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  1. We are having that snow as well. Sloppy, snowy, very wet and intermittent power outages. I'm making art and so are the grand kiddies! :}

  2. So glad to hear you are getting much needed "moisture". I was a grumbling gal all week long because it was rainy and gray all week & your post put it in perspective for me. Gosh, I hope we don't see any snow here for a while. The sun has returned and I must capture some foliage photos. Enjoy your weekend. Peace, Donna

  3. I'm not opposed to snow either! I get booed a lot. I'm glad you've finally gotten precipitation.
    We're having our thanksgiving holiday weekend. We're going to a family potluck, but will be bringing vegetarian so aromas are a little different.
    I wish you a lovely creative, relaxing and satisfying weekend!

  4. I'M THERE!!!! And sooooo jealous! We don't take Columbus Day off. Can't wait to see the projects and stay warm. Do you think potato soup would ship well??? 🙂

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