Snowy Mountain High ~

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It’s a pleasure to bring you some photography shots of beautiful, blue, cold… Montana this past weekend. 

We stopped at friend, Jane’s place, on our way home from church services on Sunday, and as Brian was whipping her snow blower into shape, I was getting into my own whipping,  trekkin’ through the snow, just tryin’ to stay the course through the deepness of the drifts, and uneven terrain.  I had a few mishaps… {what’s a little snow on the clothing, but a chance to be ‘refreshed’ I ask?!} … but did manage to get back up!  {or Brian would have been trying to snow-blow me out of there!}

Jane’s horse barn tucked into the hillside

We got back on the road, and a half-mile away I asked Brian to pull over… and I hopped out for a fast couple shots.  The drifts are the only evidence of the wind blowing… whipping too.  I don’t last too long out in the raw elements, as it was about 10 above {maybe} on a chill factor.  But I made the most out of my 8 minutes outside… 

The Little Belt Mountains in the background {above picture}… that is where my son’s ranch is.

The Highwood Mountain Range {below} ~ beautiful.

I’d really love to watercolor this scene…

And these lonely mailboxes out on the open prairie…

John Denver in my mind…?  “Take me home, country roads… ”  {maybe if you have a shovel, or a good four-wheel drive ~ lol}.  Or… a good tractor snow-plow, as I think these folks did.  Still… I’d live out in the country again, in a heartbeat.

Beautiful.  Stunning.  The Majesty of the Seasons at His Hands.
{and it is now melting!}  as we have 47 degrees the past couple days.  Nothing last forever… not even cold  weather!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. How gorgeous!!! You definitely have a gift of photographing nature and sharing it in a way that makes me feel as if I am there! If I could just be dropped down in that scene to enjoy it for an hour or so and then picked back up brought back to Nashville I'd be a very happy camper :*) If I had to stay more than an hour, I'd probably freeze :*D Heck, I get cold here when the temp in house drops below 69 LOL!!!!

  2. Windswept I can live without but I do like drifts, soft mounds and grass showing through and trees with hoar frost. Great way to get exercise and photos. ;^)

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