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Hi there sweet friends

Well, I have been hunkerin’ for a lil’ good ol’ fashioned piecing, and so that’s what I’ve been doing a little bit of lately.  By the way, all of these pieces are finished with a YLI candlelight thread in Christmas green, glowing in the binding.  I published a tutorial on this quick couching technique for adding a bit of bling to bindings, using the Bernina #39 embroidery and couching foot… click here.

I did a bit of straight-line quilting… the kind that isn’t really straight.  {that’s the most fun part!}  And you may notice that I didn’t change out my bobbin thread; that’s red on the bottom, and you can see the little pin pricks of it as it contrasts with the top white thread.  I showed these samples to my Bernina Mastery Class students on Monday nigh, to deliberately show what a good tensioned stitch looks like, and I also stitched them with different threads on the top to show weight of the two types of thread, and how they look when stitched. The first piee below, is Superior’s Masterpiece, 50 weight cotton in both the top and bottom.

{Add a touch of white fabric for some sparkle with your red and greens, too.}

In the piece below, I free motioned some simple swirly-line quilting.  This quilting was done with Superior’s King Tut 40 wt thread.  Notice the difference in how it stands out vs the Masterpiece.  Just a matter of taste, preference, and look.  {and I love this the best!}

I also happened across a pack of plaids/gold threads, fat quarters I’ve had for a very long time… this is ancient fabric ~ but oh so fun to throw into the mix, and I love the Scottish look it gives!  {right up my heritage line}.  And I really like the shiny gold that is woven into it.

I love this scrappy look, and don’t see much of that kind of plaid type of fabric these days… which makes it NEW!  {as the song says “His mercies are new every morning” and that goes for fabric too!}  lol. 

Pretty.  Simple. And Christmassy. I’ve actually made five or six now; some will go the Etsy shop, and some will go as gifts, and another to be given away via today’s post, if this is something that ‘floats your boat’ as they say. 

 And I generally make my little mug rugs ‘generously sized’ … ya know ~ for that little bit of cookie you need with your tea or coffee…

Oh ya, one last thing: ‘Rember’ {notice my spelling glitch in the sketchbook yesterday?}  I almost didn’t post that picture because I didn’t want to show something that is not perfect… but oh my gosh, that is just SO like me! So I just let it be what it was, because, well, it’s like this. I teach the “pursuit of excellence” — not the pursuit of perfection. “So let it be written… so let it be done!” {I always loved it when King Ramses said that in The Ten Commandments!” } Tongue in cheek!

“Sew let it be done.”  Leave a comment and I’ll draw a winner from all the interested parties!  Let’s say… by next Monday?  

Joining sweet Jennifer and friends for our STUDIO JRU In the Studio Friday! 

In His Hands~Soli Deo Gloria!  

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  1. Thanks for the visual info about different threads, top and bottom, weights, etc! It is so helpful to be able to see the difference. I was just "talking" to my mom the other day about straight line quilting not needing to be perfectly straight! Proof in your pics again– the mug rugs are so very sweet, just the way they each uniquely are! Thanks for the chance to win one :^D

  2. I keep forgetting to try that binding technique with the Candlelight …. thanks for reminding me! Lovely pieces, one of which would look great under my Christmas coffee cup! Tee hee hee ….

  3. Fun mug rugs – I like the couching technique. (No need to enter me in the contest as I have already won something from you previously!)

  4. I like your mug rugs and am inspired to make some for Christmas gifts. I would also like to be included in your drawing. Thanks! Leanne

  5. Mug rugs! Why don't I make smaller stuff more often? It sure looks like you've had some fun and they're DONE!

    Pointed a friend your way recently as she's a new Bernina girl and needed some Bernina know-how. The local Bernina guy isn't much of a teacher, but she loved what she saw on your blog!

  6. This is so pretty, Leslie! I love how you do your free motion swirly curlies. And I love the mix of patterns and colors!! Precious work, my friend! 🙂

  7. Cutie patootie!!! I love red and lime green for Christmas! 😀 I'd love to win one of your sweet mug rugs.
    So glad I stopped by! 😀

  8. I got your card today. I love it and I don't think I'm going to send it but rather frame it and set it out during Christmas time 😀

    I would love to win this as well!

  9. I have been making a few mug rugs myself! But I soooo love the prints in yours, and the log cabin motif works perfectly for the size!


  10. I love your mug rugs! And aren't they fun to free motion quilt? I just got in a Christmas sewing mood last night when I got an email from Quilting Arts with table runners featured. I went looking for all my possible Xmas colors after that.

  11. Super duper cute! What a great idea and so beautiful! May God bless you today as you make pieces of your time for others and make the world a bit more beautiful!

  12. I really like the swirls on this cute mug rug. If I am lucky enough to win I will be the envy of all my co-workers. Actually I hope to make all ten of them one for Christmas.

  13. Perfect for my mid-morning latte and little snack while sitting at the computer reading my favorite blogs! Love that green plaid fabric too – in fact I may have had some of that in the past – wonder if there are any scraps left in the stash bins.

  14. Very pretty – love the Candlelight thread next to the binding. Didn't notice the spelling error but had to go check it out after reading your post…teehee!

  15. I luv plaids. My Scottish ancestry as well. Mind you I never got the thrifty part. lol So the fact that it is a generous size to accommodate cookies is great.

  16. Such a wonderful and colorful mug rug for Christmas!!! I don't want to be greedy though and I am delighted to have won one of your cards, so I don't need to be in the drawing for this. I did want to comment though and let you know just how cute I think it is!!! It would be so lovely to sit on Christmas morning with some tea and a cookie on that mug rug while everyone opens their presents :*D

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