Snug as a … Mug Rug ~

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Scrappy piecework!  Bright colors. 

Tiny, little bits of leftover batik and hand-dyed fabrics.

And a tiny bit of improvisational piecing. Love doing it that way! 

I quilted this piece using King Tut in white, and then switched to the accent color, a warm yellow-gold in Rainbows, a solid poly.  I had a light blue in Masterpiece in my bobbin for both colors.  And of course, the top tension was lowered and a new, fresh, 90/14 topstitch needle was used.

 “A weekend without free motion… is a weekend without sunshine!”

I’ve seen “Mug Rugs” everywhere, and always thought they were fun.  So this  is my first-ever mug rug.  (Above). And the backside looks like this.

And you can see the binding finish, too.  I thread Razzle Dazzle (a thick thread) through the front of the foot, and stitch in the ditch, using a very narrow zig zag, and it stitches the binding down as I stitch a pretty sparkly thread accent on the front side at the same time!  I posted a basic tutorial on this foot; see more about the Bernina #39 foot, here.

 Is this your cup of tea? It is for me!!  Here’s to a day with a hot cup of tea and a mug rug!!

Blessings ~

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  1. Mug rugs are going around! It's pretty! I envy you your beautiful free motion quilting. I've a Lon g way to go. It's nice that you made it for yourself. It'll make you happy.

  2. It is definitely my cup of tea. Your mug rug is beautiful. Do you quilt on a long arm or a sewing machine?

  3. Coffee for me too!
    This is fabulous – the quilting is just perfect and I like the idea of finishing the edge with razzle dazzle !!

  4. I'm with Elle….coffee for me please, although I don't dislike hot tea. Love your mug rugs, the colors are glorious. I've never made a mug rug. Some day maybe.

  5. no! No! Not tea. Coffee! But this is very cute and the bit of twinkle at the binding edge is javulous! These are on my to-do list but I must resist the temptation, put my mug down on top of my to-do list and get Nina up and humming. Happy Day!

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