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oh… hello!

wow.  i’ts been a roller coaster of life lately; my younger brother had an emergency brain surgery, and then several shoulder surgeries to repair broken bones.  we are all so very thankful he is alive; it was a close call, and even better, he’s getting a fresh start in his life, and doing well in his rehabilitation!

and… so, as many of you know, in a blink of an eye, it’s christmas …already!  

so… back at the ranch!  i had such a good time teaching at timeless quilts waaay back in november, in missoula!  and oh, how i loved getting back to teaching. it was a very full class, and we had a great time ~ can’t wait to go back!

and of course, a bit of a road trip is always cause to take a break in a quilt shop {or two} along the road!  here are some of my exciting purchases:

a new embroidery collection from bernina, that i cannot wait to explore!  it’s about time is said yes… and used my beautiful bernina 830 to get back into some embroidery!  i fell in love with the designs and i think they will transfer beautifully into many projects.  first on my list or the new year!

and one of my new loves; floriani thread!  LOVE!  this is so pretty, versatile, and i have been using it on a custom order, just finished recently.  will have to show you later, when i catch my breath!

it’s a combo of polyester and rayon.  now, while rayon is not colorfast, i think in a blend, it will be much more practical, and of course, there’s a beautiful sheen, and i love the twisty color combos.  a “must have” to try out!

and a piece of feather fabric!  just a yard.  what a fun print this is, and so very contemporary… just up  my alley!

and a great little batik print; who could resist those colors in early november?  everything about it is autumn, and so yes, i succumbed.  then another modern print made it’s way into my hands.  {magic, i tell you!}  🙂

and my eyes magically gravitated to this sue spargo pattern when i was in missoula {and on my way out the door ~ almost!}  it too, is magically in my possession!  i have no idea what an “envelope” is… but i have plans to turn it into either a bag, or a wall hanging… or who knows what?!

and some new quilting gloves.  these are definitely heavy duty, and the grip is strong, that’s for sure.  so i will be putting them to the test shortly.

so, and “sew”… that’s my kind of catching up!
and in case i forget to tell y’all…
i had a really great time!

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  1. Sorry for your brother's difficulties I hope he recovers fully.
    Those embroidery designs look very interesting and I know you will do something wonderful with them.

  2. I wish you and your brother all the best. Hopefully he can spent Christmas with you and your family.
    And I love the batik. I could not resist either.
    Greetings, Rike

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