spring fever ~

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hi there ~ 

let me say it’s been a puzzle… this blogger plus thing, {plus}  the frustration ~ {tongue in cheek}. apparently now i am a no-reply blogger, as others have let me know.  huh? i have no clue how that happened… have spent many hours trying to figure it out, to no avail. but for now ~ it’s onward and plugging away, hoping people who followed me in their reader will hang in there… as i consider other options in a blogging platform.  i do love blogging ~ sharing ~ learning!  i want to, and will be ~ more intentional in the thought process of where i go from here.  it all means a little more research on my part, and finding and looking into different platforms to blog from that will allow me to not only grow, but be a lot more user friendly.  i hope you will hang in there with me… and pass the word ~ “i’m still here!!”  {plugging and blogging away!}

so ~ springtime has arrived in it’s all it’s bright beauty; plenty warm with 81 degrees, and a hot dry wind with it.  i took a couple of fun pictures of the sweet baby goslings, beautiful flowers in our gibson park, and those sweet apple blossom blooms i so enjoy in our front yard. 


time to take flight!
have a great one ~ thanks so much for stopping by. 


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