springing forward in watercolor bliss ~

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hi there all ~

ever hear that classic ol’ western phrase, “rode hard, and put away wet?”  that would pretty much sum up this past work-week!  

and at least i am truly dry ~ and fortunate i am not having to cope with flooding and ice jams that have been the very hard and challenging “norm” for so many of my fellow citizens in montana this past week.  

however… the good side is that is sooo much warmer!  and as the snow and ice melts, the wind blows {and blows}.  soon, we’ll be dried out in no time, {hopefully}.  

all in God’s own good time…

and i dream of springtime ~ at least my imagining of it in a blooming spring garden, expressed in 5×7″ watercolors.

hope you’re in “bloom” no matter the season ~ 
and in every purpose under heaven ~
{bring it on!}
soli deo gloria!

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