“Stained Glass” windows – the Gallery Glass way

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Some of you may have seen pictures and posts I’ve put on the Blog about my porch.  You can see the post here.

… and the inside entry door, below.

I love the ‘custom’ and even kind of ‘high-end’ look this gave a very inexpensive door.  I had to be patient and build up my paint coats, applying a thin coat multiple times, letting it dry completely, about 5-6 coatings.  The raised image of the leaf had to be repeatedly painted  multiple times (letting it dry in between coats), so that it would stand out.  It was a bit of a challenge as the door was already hung, too.  It would have been MUCH easier had I thought to do it when it arrived, and just put it on a couple saw horses, or even a table, and accomplished the painting that way without dealing with drips that happen on a vertical surface.  But I LOVE the soft light that radiates into our living room from the porch door and window, yet it gives us privacy, too.

I’ve also created a stained glass effect on these windows in our home.  I used a pattern from a book on this one. It is the very first window I ever painted.  I believe I traced the measured lines with a sharpie-type pen first.  Then placed the black leading lines (which are also dried first).  They kind of self-stick, until you add the paint to make them stay put permanently.

They are only on the bottom sash of our dining room windows, which face north.

and a clear glass effect in the living room.  A window that faces west, and directly into the next-door neighbors entry door!  When I first bought the home, people would stand at the neighbor’s door and knock, turn around idly, and peer directly into my living room area.  It was sometimes rather startling to see them glancing at me if I was in that spot… so I made it ‘private’ and yet, very light and bright, and well… attractive, at least to me… and that is what counts!  These designs were basically random swirls, done in very thick applications (before I knew better!).  It took forever to dry!  But I was able to remove the window, so it was flat when I painted it.

What is Gallery Glass?  It is a type of ‘faux stained glass’ – this product is water soluble while wet, but dries like an acrylic paint once it has cured on the window.  You can use paint brushes, sponges, and your fingers to make designs!  

 Perhaps even more important to know, is where YOU CANNOT (or shouldn’t) put it.  It won’t survive well in a high humidity area, like a bathroom.  It doesn’t maintain it’s color, and will peel in a window or door that has constant south-facing sun, or one that is an outside door!  I know this quite well, as I’ve done it, and it peeled off in a  matter of a few hot summer months.  It is readily available at Michael’s craft stores, JoAnn Fabrics, and probably at Hobby Lobby, too, and no doubt… online, somewhere!

It has been perfect on our double faced windows in the bedroom, even tho they face south.  Because there is another screen/storm window on the outside, and they are well protected, they seem to have done well.  These windows have been painted for over 8 years, now.  The Gallery Glass paint goes on cloudy, and dries clear.  Nowadays, they make leading lines for you that you can purchase.  When I first began, you had to make your own leading lines by squeezing black paint in a steady line, onto a piece of waxed paper covered cardboard; let them dry and cure for at least a day.  Then peel them off and apply; they are self-stick, basically.  You can, and should, apply leading lines first, if leading is part of your overall design.  In the living room window, and my inside entry door, I didn’t need to use leading lines.  I only used the CLEAR Gallery Glass paint.   

I loved playing with this technique.  It is functional, beautiful, and best of all… pretty darn easy. If you make a boo-boo… just let the paint dry, before it’s cured, and you can then just cut it away with an x-acto knife quite easily, and repair it seamlessly with another application of the paint. 

Hope you liked seeing our windows!

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  1. OOOOOH! I want this on a new door for my windowless bathroom! I could do the finish on the outside so maybe humidity wouldn't affect it??? I never considered this stuff. Oh my, a whole new world is opening….

  2. I found your etsy site awhile back and "hearted" it. I keep running across it and I love what you do. finally I checked your profile and found you have a blog so I came here today. I have been reading back to February. I just love your work! Thanks for all that you shared here, your technique and tools and all. I am following now so I will be back.

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