Steel Magnolia Meets WBC ~

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Georgia.  She’s so entertaining.  I’ve started calling her  The WBC.  Wild Border Collie.  Sooo funny… she is chock full of larger-than-life, “look out here she comes,”  endless bounding, pouncing, crazy-funny, Border Collie style!  Five months old now.  Look how big she’s getting!

If there’s no cattle to be found, a sprinkler and a hose will do just fine, thank you very much!  

And, there’s a new kid in the yard …  Meet Miss Savannah!

 Georgia says, “come on over, the water’s great!”

“For a slurpy, soaking wet, great time…!”

Savannah?  “Not so much!  I think I’ll just circle around you wild-wet-crazy-thing Border Collie.”

“Okay, so she’s pretty.  Big deal. What’s she good for?”

“Let’s see what you’re made of…”

“Dare ya ta take my bunny rag …”

“Did she just take that away from me? She did — she DID take it away from me… maybe she is more than a pretty face!” 

“Game ON Sister!”

 “Ha!  Got It Back!”

Georgia is more powerful, but Savannah is much quicker! A worthy match!

Dusk finds them {almost} wore out!   Thankfully!  And we all go to bed with lots of laughter in our hearts, and definitely ready for a good night’s rest!

Kalyn Tyre, of Eagle Rock Kennels (Shetland Sheepdogs, and more), the breeder of my sweet Micah, had puppies she grew out and because Savannah ended up with a slight underbite, she didn’t quite make the show ring standard, so here we are!    

Welcome to your forever home Savannah.
“Steel Magnolia” meets “Wild Border Collie”
It’s definitely gonna be “looney tunes” at our home!

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  1. I musta missed this post 'cause I kept wondering where the 'other' dog came from. LOL She is sweet and they are going to be best buds!I arrived home yesterday and Sweet Pea greeted me. Hmmm, how dtd you get out? But it is so hot I think she decided not to round up sheep and just watch them from a shady spot. :^)

  2. I LOVE that you have another Sheltie – she is a pretty girl & looks so happy playing with Georgia! So very very happy for you!

  3. How adorable and they must be so therapeutic to have around you! You shosts are fantastic Leslie! I love the slurpy shot with the drps of water…good work my dear…like I know anything about photography. hahhaha Enjoy your sweeties. Another great Blog!

  4. Such beautiful dogs. You captured their personalities in your photos and of course your narrative filled in the rest, enjoyed meeting these two 🙂

  5. Oh isn't she a beauty!!! I'd take her home in a heartbeat :*D They look like BFF's already! Would have loved to watch the playtime shenanigans!

  6. How fun! Gotta love herding dogs! (I have a Corgi). My dog Humphrey is entertained for hours chasing waves (I live on a lake). Happy dogs! 🙂

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