Stencil a New Heart ~ {with a new Terri Stegmiller stencil}

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hi y’all! {montana drawl}

i got to play with a new stencil over this past weekend. this is one designed by terri stegmiller, for stencil girl.

 terri is a wonderful artist and designer.  i always look forward to playing with her whimsical style.
{and you knew, right ~ true love is a well painted stencil!}

i don’t clean my stencils, but sometimes i will wipe the paint off of them  ~ mostly so they won’t stick to each other with the wet paint!  otherwise, if there aren’t any other potential casualties in the area, i let them be.  i have found that if i clean them, i have a tendency to snag little edges, and bend them.  not cool.  so they stay purty with the various paint colors on them, right? 

so i began with a small piece of hand-dyed fabric, and your average, inexpensive acrylic paint.  dabbed here and there in purple, pink and turquoise. i deliberately tried to just ‘dab’ lightly {didn’t always succeed} because my needle doesn’t really appreciate a heavily painted surface. 

the silver leaf is an embellishment i love to play with, too.

cute button trim for the cardstock backing.

 so what do ya think of that cute stencil now?  fun huh!  i hope you try it!
soli deo gloria

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  1. I had an aha! moment when I learned that screen printing was actually first on fabric so I am keen to get the screens and stencils onto fabric as soon as the weather is nice outside where I can get messy. Looks great, Les!

  2. love Love LOVE it!!!! The colors are soooo me and the addition of the silver adds so much interest. Great job!

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