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Good day to you all!

I’m loving my ‘dream job’ as I pursue more teaching, traveling these late summer and fall days!  Amazing scenery, and then there is the scene that I love — the one of watching the ‘light come on’ in a student’s face as they see their collages come into view!  There is a gift to be received in the smiles at the end of the day ~ the heart’s reward for sure!

Here’s a few shots from some of the student works from the Bozeman MT class I recently taught the 1st of October. I’m thrilled to be going back the 4th and 5th of November, too for those in the waiting list! And in case you’re in the Great Falls area, I’ve got a new class set up for November 9th and 10th {a Wed/Thur}. I promise… it’s gonna be FUN!

Here’s a few of those happy faces:


Above, a creative take on Frosty.  I like how this gal was juxtaposing blooms on one side, and symmetry on the other!  SO LOVE all the CREATIVITY I get to witness in each person’s project!

Ah… “Autumn Glory” pattern, below.  Perennial favorite, as who doesn’t love autumn leaves displayed in the glory of most everyone’s favorite season…?!  I loved how she  decided to cross the aspen trees within the collage, to emulate nature’s perfect balances, too!


Izaak, the “Bloomin’ Big Horn Sheep” below. Sure loved the color way she chose with peachy pinks, and rich browns!


A sweet mother-daughter team {below}. They took the class together as the birthday gift to the daughter.  How great is that? I had such a fun time just watching them interact and create!


and my first pattern, “Rocky.” I always love Rocky’s in my class!  This one is absolutely gorgeous and rich in vibrant aqua, purples and blues!

img_5088Oh! this gorgeous lavender inspired color style on another “Autumn Glory” pattern! The picture does NOT do it justice!

and another “Autumn Glory” and I loved the dark background in a deep blue that had lots of depth to it.  A most excellent choice!!img_5082img_5084

Well, what a great couple days, living in Main Street Quilting Co quilt shop for a few days! It was such a treat to be in downtown Bozeman and to meet new faces and friends there.

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