summer mixed media journal season is here ~

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hello summer!
75 degrees, no wind, beautiful sunshine and a shady patio.
perfection defined!
… and a new season for making
mixed media journals begins.
i grab {just a few} key art supplies: 
 washi tape, paper words,
pens, little scrappy knick knacks n’such, 
{because, let’s face it, it would take hours upon hours
 to bring it all outdoors!}
and then… get to work ~ playing!
 doodling n’ glueing.
WARNING: there is a wild border collie waiting in 
the forest who will chew up any falling, wayward rolls
of washi tape — in a heartbeat!
 hmmm.  as i was saying… 
sitting in the shade, playing, visiting with the pups,
and listening to the birds sing….
i do all the messy glueing, cutting and such in my studio in the basement of our home, and the papers i’m using are my own original prints, made from monoprints from my  gelli plate, stencils, stamps, deli paper, dimensional paste or paint, and just plain ol’ acrylic paint! 
i add other texture from stamping onto heavy paper, cutting out {butterflies}, using some of my older scrapbook ephemera, old book pages, etc.  
 and then i doodle away.

 my personal favorites and most-used supplies are stencils, or thermofax screens i’ve purchased from stencilgirlproducts, many designed by creative friends like terri stegmiller and margaret applin.  but anything goes… yup!  so i begin by making a super big mess with paint…  and then clean up, clear off the table and and then choose from my dried paper stash, glueing them to the fronts and backs of blank paper journals i’ve purchased from craft stores, or goodwill.

some of my most favorite papers to use as empherma are prayers or quotes, {which i’ve printed out} by susie larson, or pages from favorite books by emily freeman, and ann voskamp, and many others, too.

so far, my favorite collage glue is “collage pauge” by tracis bautista {purchase at craft stores}.

… many ~ many happy hours later… 
i’ll have a stack of a dozen or so journals.
soli deo gloria

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  1. Love it all Leslie! All in a day? Wow you are like the Flash! And you do such beautiful work and lovely inspirational words. thank you!

  2. my oh my , Leslie……I want to come and play with you !!!! this is something I want to learn……I just love it !!! It is so out of my box but so intriguing….very inspiring….if you ever do a class I will come !
    hugs, chris

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