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hi friends!

well, my vacation time is over… for now.  i was so blessed {and elated} to be home, spending so many happy, “happy hours” in my sewing studio, practicing feathers. it was fun, trying different variations, challenging my skills, and growing my knowledge in stitching them out. and… making some of the same mistakes… over again!  geez.  and then ~ working it all out ~ overcoming, and learning!!  yay! 

and of course, i began with a piece of hand-dyed fabric.  i just can’t help myself. and why not?!  that’s what they’re there for, right?

“…hello… my name is leslie… and i’m addicted to feathers & hand-dyed fabric”  ~ can i get an amen?!!  lol

this amazing fabric was dyed by chris daly, and i believe she calls this a ‘double-dye’ type of process.  isn’t it a beauty? i have not really a clue as to how she does it.  but i know this.  fabric dyers do an amazing service!!  having done a teeny bit of it myself, i’m happy to enjoy the fruit of their labors!!  this fabric is just so intriguing, and it has such beautiful depth and highly saturated color.  
i … love… it!!! 

so i called it done, finished the binding, and usual, i began taking photographs, and another thought struck me… the feathers looked a bit ’empty’ ~ almost unfinished to me. you know what i mean?   

 so i decided to add more quilting… not something you usually do when it’s already bound.  but hey ~ i’m a risk-taker, so that’s what i did.  i was happy with the result; it looks more finished to me.  but perhaps that’s because i’m “feather addicted” as well???  hmm… let me know what you think!

my first quilting was done with YLI’s variations thread in a variegated lime/emerald green; that is the tiny, tight circles in the center. 

once that design was finished, it was easy to flip the quilt over, and i had a road map of where to apply the next round, using the luscious razzle dazzle, in a bit of bobbin play {from the backside of the quilt} in a bright turquoise color.  yummy!  this really excited my taste buds.  {yes, sometimes i think i could eat this fabric!!} 

 and i was so happy that the weather cooperated, and gave me some bright, cloudy, yet diffused light so these threads could sparkle and shine for their photo shoot! so pretty.

i do want to take a second to say that each of these runners is complete in about 6-8 hours for each one.  they were great practice ~ and of course, that is key. i’ve found, that for myself, i do better when the project is “real” and there is something at stake, rather than just a practice sandwich {although i did start out that way}, and i tend to be more ‘serious’ about doing a good job.  i’ve spent at least 50-60 hours this past week, working hard ~ i mean, playing hard!  i could tell by the end, how much my skill and confidence improved, as i worked out some ‘issues’ of placement, and more.  i hope to share those insights with you, so please come back won’t you? 

my work week life at the court awaits… and life in general!  i have been considering all the possibilities about early retirement, as the government goes deeper into sequestration.  staff such as myself, {after 27 years there} are being offered “early out” in order to meet their drasticly reduced budgets.  whatever the final decision will be, my decision has been made and we will see what the final answer and response from the court will be.  regardless of the outcome ~ i’m looking forward to it, whether i stay or go!  i am so grateful for all of God’s amazing wisdom… friends who have prayed for me.  {thank you ~ you know who you are!}.  

i’m ready, and at His service, no matter what.  {bring it on!}

soli deo gloria!

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  1. This is just so beautiful! The sparkle is amazing! Thank you for sharing your talent with us and I look forward to your tips in the future.

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