A Summer To Dye For

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It has been an awesome summer season in so many ways.  Even though it has been dry and hot, the upside is that it’s been a perfect summer to experiment with dyeing fabric! And I enjoyed doing just that this past weekend…

 And for taking that fabric, and adding a layer of paintstik rubbings.  This is the base fabric for Bright Eyes, which I posted Friday.

Now my fabrics may not be ‘to dye for’ but they are, and have been, alot of fun to play with!

 And what I admire about people who dye fabric, is just how much time, care and effort goes into making quality hand-dyed fabric. I can tell you who does make terrific fabric. Check out their Etsy stores, too.  They are Chris Daly from  “Dye Candy” and Vicki Welsh.

 They look so pretty drying in the sun.  They will be a great jumping off point for more projects in the days ahead… I hope!

 And it’s been really neat to think about the color wheel, and practice with blending colors, from my three little bottles of yellow, blue, and red from the tie dye kits I bought.

Thanks Lord for a great summer.  Let the rains come!

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  1. Hi Leslie, I'm just getting caught up on a few weeks of blog reading. Your thread work and leaf quilts are so beautiful!

    I really appreciate you mentioning my hand dyed fabrics. Yours are fabulous!

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