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This is a small piece of fabric, about 9″x12″ that I painted over 3 years ago, now.  I used  “Twinkling H2O’s” … cute little pots of vibrant, pearly color, that you wet, like watercolors, also bought a long time ago! I wanted to photograph them, but (ahem), I ran out of time! Plus — who knows what other kind of distractions I would have run into in finding them!? 

 Suffice it to say, this is one of those ‘oh yes, I remember  this” — found in that round robin stash of fabrics in my ‘clean-up’ and organizing on Sunday. 

Perfect for a thermofax screen (from Margaret Applin and her blog “Scrap Wisdom Collage.”)  I wasn’t planning on doing this, as it was getting late on Sunday evening.  But! I changed my mind, and decided to challenge myself to work fast and furious…

 I used Jacquard lumiere paints, working very quickly; boy that paint dried awful fast.  I think I may need to add an extender of some kind to it… to keep it wetter, longer.  I did have a tin foil pan handy, with a bit of water in it with a wet kitchen towel.  That seemed to help a bit…

I want to say, that this technique is something I attempted to talk myself out of.   “You cannot do one more new thing” was the reprimand in my mind.  Yeah.  Well, that didn’t take away the constant curiosity, fascination, and most lovely surprise when I tried it once, and found myself loving this process, even if just screening paint through.  It makes me want to do… learn.. and have fun with it, MORE!  We shall see!

 And I forgot to take a picture of the whole thing.  Sew tired! Sew it … goes.  Another day.  I don’t have any grand plans for it, yet, anyway.  Hopefully… I will!

 And snap, crackle, pop.  The weekend was over.  A few hours is better than none!  But I think I forgot to cover my paint jars with the lids!  Oops.  I hate it when that happens.

I have a few more small things from my ’round robin piles’ separated, batted, and backed, ready for the next step!

Tuesday Teaser!  But it will probably be alot more Tuesday, and teasing… until I can look at taking it to “the next level!”  


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  1. Please take me along on your journey, Les. I think I need to find another big drawer for these round robin stashes. I seem to have a number buried around and under things! I never did find Twinkling h2o's. Look what I missed. But I have found Margi and her screens! Ribbons. Threads. Screens. Give me a heads up on what'll be next. <> I am having sew much FUN!!!

  2. Love the colors and screened designs I'm seeing. It's very fun to screen print when you have such wonderful designs from Margaret to use. Can't wait to see more!

  3. I am hooked on silk screening and I love Margaret's screens. That is going to be such a fun piece to do you 'thing' on. I love it.

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