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These are the stitching options I chose for the leaves on this screen printed fabric:

Of course, they probably won’t stay that way… will play with some other ideas for the outside edges… or not!

Playing with the arrangement of left-over squares of the “Grace” foiled fabric ~

I changed my mind… with the arrangement ~

I love going on treasure hunts in my “Sunday Sympatico in the Studio” — and I found a swirly cut-out hangin’ out on my design wall.  So I snatched it from it’s place there ~ and gave it a new home here:

And all-too-soon my favorite play-day ended! 

These are some of my thoughts: I may have to lose the squares.  I love the shiny foil on them, but I’m not excited about the color on them for this piece… I don’t think.  Time will tell, and any other stitching, embellishment or couching will make a difference too.  I do think I really like the addition of the purple swirl batik fabric strip at the bottom, and the re-placement of the purple lace…

Got any other ideas for me? Oh, and I need a word or two, or three… thinking…thinking!

March Blog LOVE is coming tomorrow!  EnJOY your day!

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  1. The flowers and the colors make me think SPRING! And spring is the season of renewal, regrowth, rebirth – and babies! Lovely piece.

  2. OOOH, that swirly cut out. Nice! I wasn't sure about the glue but cut up like that is nifty. The little squares are a bit of unpredictability and heavens, do you want to be predictable??? lol

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