Sunflower Batik

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This is a UFO from several summers ago.  It’s just a whole piece of a beautiful sunflower batik with a pieced orange border on it.  You may recall when these fabrics were quite plentiful in the quilt shops a few years ago, in all sorts of colorways.  I really never do get tired of sunflowers!  And I’ve set a goal to finish it this year (summertime that is!)… It’s been awhile since I’ve quilted a larger piece; this will be good practice.  It’s square; about 42×42 inches or so.  And also good practice for the large flower motif which is deliberately about 6-7 inches in diameter.  I thought it would be a nice change for the patio table, or perhaps a gift.  We’ll see how it turns out?!

I’ve started quilting it with a YLI Variations, one of my favorite threads. A 35 weight 100% polyester that performs beautifully without breakage, shredding, or fussiness whatsoever. I have a darker green Masterpiece 50 wt on my bobbin. I’m planning on using a second thread color, likely in orange, so it will show up on the fabric.  It will be another flower design which will overlap the green flower.  

 And now for the real thing.  The one above is either shy, or waving at me! That center looks so cool and smooth, makes me want to touch it… (and I would except that would play havoc with allergies!)  And below, the yellow pollen sticky-pokey pollen stamens and dark seed pods developing have great texture.  See the bee tucked in for his evening snooze in the bottom curve?

 Sunflowers… so popular, and I never tire of trying to get a cool picture of one.

 But what about “Bud?”  Aren’t they too, just so cool? Don’t you just love those perfect little points?  They are so graceful and have such intertwining perfection, with a hint of mystery as they begin to unfold. Hmmm… a terrific free motion motif in the making!  I think I’ll call it  “This Bud’s For You!”  LOL.

 And don’t forget those ‘hairy’ stems?! Sorry, can’t think of a more flattering term at the moment!!  I’ve been doing some sketching with paper and pen lately, and plan to post some ideas and styles I love.    Maybe you will find some inspiration here, too!

EnJOY your day!

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  1. sunflowers are always an inspiration to me. their color, shape…everything! last summer my sister's daughter used sunflowers in her wedding. they were fun, beautiful and so cheerful!

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