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I love to quilt with unusual fabrics – make that more ‘unexpected’ than anything.  In the last few years, these beautifully smooth and satiny cotton sateens have come into the quilt shops, and I LOVE Them!  This beautiful fabric really just showcases quilting, as well as looking like silk ~ dreamy beautiful! I wish you could feel the hand of it once it’s quilted…
And I for one, love-love-love to mix up fabrics and textures and try something unexpected!  Who doesn’t love batik fabrics? And speaking of mixing it up, multiple thread use is a favorite way for me to kick things up a notch on my quilting.  It keeps me focused, challenged, and more interested in what I’m working on. Same goes for pretty trims, too.  The flower in the picture below could use a bit more detail, right…

And let’s not forget a little “fuzzy wuzzy” in a soft, textured cotton velvet.  One of the unexpected results of adding my free motion applique stitching around the edges of the brown velvet, is the surprising textural look it gives to the outside edge.  Makes it look a bit more complicated, and more depth… and well, ‘edginess’ to it.  I LIKE that.

I named this piece “SUNSHINE and SATIN”  as that is the feeling it evokes for me!  And… I believe that says alot about how, why and when we quilt… 
Flower above without stitching on the petals.  Flower below WITH stitching on the petals. 

Ahhh… that is much better! But I do have to say I wish I had not ‘travelled’ with the yellow thread around the flower center.  Pure laziness, I guess, as I did not want to tie off each time, and now I find it’s distracting…

It’s easy to make any pattern or design in a book very special and unique to your own sense of style and color.  This is one of my favorites; from Sunflower Hill Designs by Julie Popa:

And it’s even better when you know your feet, tension, needles and threads! Check out the  TNT Post on December 28, 2010.  I just love this pearl crown rayon thread in creamy white, by YLI Thread Company.  Beautiful results on this cotton sateen!

Tension issues?  Check out my blog post here regarding stitching and “homework!” I tighten my UPPER tension, usually at least two whole settings (from a 4 to a 6 for example), when those thick threads are in my bobbin.

Bobbin Play anyone? It’s easy with a just a little practice.  The leaves were first FUSED on (with steam a seam fusible web).  A 90/14 microtex is absolutely essential when working with any fusible product, in my humble opinion.
Hints and Tips on Bobbin Play are posted.  That lovely YLI pearl crown rayon in a beautiful soft white has such an attractive texture in the swirls… and they don’t steal the show from the design and the flowers since they blend in with the background – just kind of add a ‘wow’ factor (in my world, that is!) 
I chose to do a little meandering, add a few pebbles, quilt in a few smooth, soft undulating lines… all in white.  I love the changing shapes; it’s rather magical on a sateen fabric.  I also added little buttons of thread color using a Rainbow tri-lobal polyester for a little pop of color and texture on the white surface.   

Joining one of my so very favorite artists – Jennifer of Studio JRU today!

Happy Friday Everyone!!! 
Here’s to creating with some wonderful textures!  

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  1. This is really beautiful, Leslie! I really like those satiny fabrics to and your COLORS! And that stitch you use for the applique gives a wonderful texture to your whole quilt. So lovely!

  2. You amaze me and amaze me. Such a talented artist you are. I love to see how you combine colors and textures and fabrics!! Beautiful creation, beautiful!!

  3. Too, too beautiful! I've just found your lovely blog, and I'm a new follower…so nice to "meet" you!

  4. i am amazed, truly, the detail that you put in to your quilts…astounds me…i love the detail of the background, and the way you made the flowers…popping over from studio JRU

  5. This is so beautifully detailed!! I love it! I bet it is nice and soft it looks like it would be. Well done 🙂

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