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Hi friends,

Sunshine and Trapunto, huh?  Well, if I could make a cute little song or rhyme from it, I would, hence the less than inspiring title of this post.  But it just doesn’t quite come together, does it?  And that’s how I’m feeling about this quilt.  

Love the little ditty – “I’ve got Sunshine… on a cloudy day…” from the song “My Girl” by The Temptations… I was singing it last week in this post.  So decided to make a quilt about it.

 And because I am in love with these little stencil heart shapes made by Margaret Applin, I couldn’t wait to create something with them.  So they were spray-dyed, cut out and fused to this piece of hand-dyed fabric I painted a couple summers ago, using Jacquard dye-na-flow paints.  I added a subtle shimmer with Lumiere pearl paint on top.  It’s been patiently waiting for attention, tucked on my fabric shelf.

 I edge-stitched around the hearts, using a pretty variegated trilobal thread, and also did a bit of quilting on the design elements within the heart, through a single layer of cotton batting on the back. I had a few issues of skipping threads, but I expect that once in a while, going through fused layers, and a more heavily painted fabric, etc.

 Then I began to stitch the writing… and it did not go well.  Tension was acting up… I wasn’t paying attention.  So this baby got ripped out several times and I’m leaving it as it is now.  Sew it goes {or not}.

 I’ve cut away the batting from the little heart flowers.  I’m looking forward to how it will look if… and when… I get the whole thing quilted. 

 So here’s how it goes, for now.  My machine was skipping stitches badly, and wouldn’t stitch a  straight line free motion… it was very odd.  I did all I knew to do to make it better, but I threw in the towel.  It is now taking a  mini-vacation in the Bernina shop!

I hope to be back at it soon… more inspired than what I am now.  Love those hearts.  Not too crazy about the flower stems… we’ll have to see what else I can do about that.  I think I could have chosen a better fabric color and/or pattern choice,  for one thing.

See ya in a couple days!

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  1. My heart is truly overjoyed at seeing those beauties put to use in the classic Leslie way!!!!! They are sooooo happy and colorful and I just absolutely love them!!!!

  2. Leslie, I think it's sweet! Machine issues are so annoying but I'm sure by the time you get back to it you'll have solved any of the things you weren't sure about. Funny how that happens when you take a break.

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