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Belated ~ perhaps.  But then again, perhaps not~  I mean, snowmen, and joy… there is always a season for those two isn’t there?  And in Montana… that can be, dare I say, “year-round?” And right now, we’ve certainly been receiving our ‘blessing’ of snow!  AND very cold temps of -20 degrees with some deadly chill factors on top of it.   Cold even for us Montanans! Yikes! 

And I for one, do not think snowmen should be limited to Christmas-time.  They decorate our home well into February.  Then~perhaps they can take a breather til the ‘season comes round again.’  At least, that is my hope!

This little postcard gem is courtesy of Jean L.  She sent it in December, and this is the spot where it’s been residing since I received it, so I can enjoy it as I sit and write, edit… peruse, and study!

I LOVE  my card, your quilting, the style and the sweet sentiment, Miss Jean!

And this darling gem, a bookmark or as I prefer to call it, an adornament ~ is from Jan, of Laughing Dog Arts Studio.

So pretty! It hangs from my lamp, sitting at my desk, also.  I’m so loving this fabric bead… this is the first one I’ve ever seen, actually, in person.  I love the texture and colors.  It dangles from an organza ribbon, and has beads on either end.  It would be great as a bookmark, but I like it dangling on my lamp!

So pretty!!!  

And recently, I received this lovely aromatic Flannel bag… from my friend, Sandy in Florida.  Filled with lavender, the happy flannel print sits on my night table.  And she also sent me a lavender organza bag (love organza), filled with lavender, as well.  And it sits on my desk so I can breathe in it’s scent every now and again.  Heavenly!

 I appreciate your sweetness, Jean, Jan, and Sandy, for your kindness in sharing with me, a piece of each of you, represented in your art!  A sweet blessing, I am privileged to receive.

 Oh gosh, Thank you!

I count each of you among my many blessings… not just once… (see below!)

God Bless your giving hearts!  Amen.

May you all be a sweet aroma of blessing to someone today… 

Love, Leslie

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  1. Jean did a great job – and I agree – snowmen are for snow season! Joy – well let's hope that is year round! I am off to visit your friend's blogs….

  2. So surprised to see my postcard featured on your blog…thank you. I look forward to your blog and all your wonderful, creative inspirations!!!
    Jean Loussarian from South Carolina

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