A Sweet Day of Easter Joy ~

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What a wonderful day!  Easter worship together with family and then out to the Swan Ranch for Easter dinner… Easter egg hunt… and Easter puppies!

God’s amazing creation.  The home of the Swan Ranch is nestled in the valleys and foothills of the Highwood Mountains, owned by John and Annette Schipf.

Grandpa Miles Swan and grandson Joe!

Such beautiful faces —  Emily and Rachel.

Jello Jigglers make great Easter eggs! Love that color.

And then to the puppy house! There were NINE puppies in this litter!  What sweet fun to have them all vying for attention… tackling each other, and the best part?  Puppy kisses!!!

What a beautiful smile!

I didn’t have an opportunity to capture some of the new baby calves… but soon!

We were so grateful for 60 degrees, bright sunshine… and the best part of the weather — NO wind!!! 

So fun to have new life in these sweet six-week old Border Collie puppies!

 Katie Schipf getting sweet little puppy kisses from “Obnoxious” (I think that is the name she called her!  These girls have named alot of these puppies… “Happy”  “Dot”  “Hook” and “Blue” were some of the names I heard!

This is the girl puppy (below) my Brian is ‘sweet’ on! Playin’ in the water!  What a cool blue eye she has.  I think he should get her… we will see!  It’s easy to be ‘puppy smitten’ that’s for sure.


I hope your EASTER was sweet, full of joy, love, 
and Life everlasting.  
He is Risen, Indeed!

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  1. He is risen indeed!!!

    Looks like a perfect day for you and your family! Nature as your backdrop and puppies to melt your hearts – wow!!! I could almost taste that yummy fruit salad! That puppy with the blue eye would already be home with me I'm afraid – adorable!!!! :*)

  2. No wind! I can send you some cold northern but that would hardly dampen your spirits! What a lovely setting: table, friends, landscape, and puppy lov! Indeed a sweet day!

  3. What sweet sweet pictures!! I love your gathering and the puppies are adorable. We did not have a family gathering this year as my own Dear Mother in Love is dying. This was always her favorite holiday, with lots of food, friends and of course her large family. It was very sad indeed. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day.

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