The Hope Quilt ~ Winners !

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Thank you ALL so much for your sweet support, prayers and participation in the Quilt Raffle for Rowan!  What a blessing you are!   Dee and Susie; a couple who lives in Highwood, MT, won the “Hope” quilt.  They were absolutely thrilled,and are looking forward to cuddling up with it and their grandchildren together!  CONGRATS! Now to the rest of the …

Blog Love ~ Pin It !

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I’m giving away three pins today… the first two pins will be up for grabs from those who comment on today’s  post. In your comment, please mention which one you like… that is, if you like what you see, as far as that goes.  This first one is the “Red Posy” pin. It features a bit of angelina fibers (shiny …

Making Valentines

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This is the stabilizer I use, most often, and almost always when I use paper fabric I’ve made.  I put a layer of batting under the paper fabric, and then put this stabilizer on the back of that, and then the last layer of fabric backing.  I prefer the firmness to be on the backside, rather than on the front, …

A Beaded Garland and Blog Love!

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Ah. Yes!  A Beaded Garland!  And I’m thinking these adorable little garlands are the perfect compliment to the little antique, decorated, beaded and wrapped thread spool ornaments I’ve SEW enjoyed making (and still am!) #32… and counting!  The little antique spool ornaments will go out a bit early as my December BLOG LOVE to:   LYNN G.-Nebraska, DARCEY P.-Canada  JAN B.-Oregon MERRY CHRISTMAS! …

Blog Love

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It’s time.  Sending out  the ‘blog love’ for November! So for the first-ever monthly draw; this one goes out to … Jean Loussarian!  🙂     If you’d like to be included in the blog love, (automatic) drawing, please email me your name and mailing address, and I will add you to my ‘special’ list!  Not quite like Santa’s… but a good list, nonethless!  Blessings! Leslie says: