DYE Candy Blog

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IF you love luscious, hand-dyed, beautiful and spectacular COLOR… visit the blog of DYE CANDY!  Chris makes gorgeous, mouth-watering fabrics.  AND she’s got a give-a-way going on now!  I have ordered from her Etsy store, so  I know personally the great quality of her dyeing skills!    She’s has a great artist’s eye!  Check it out! Leslie says:

Dye Candy Blog’s Give-A-Way!

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You may want to check this out!  Who doesn’t need a bit more ‘candy’ in their life?! Me Me Me!  I love her fabrics!  Check out her “Dye Candy” Blog here, where she is having a GIVE A WAY of fabric!  Take a break and see her Etsy store, right here! h Leslie says: