from my sketchbook ~ a wise woman

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hi everyone ~have you tried to squeeze too much “to-do” into “too-little” time?  and then perhaps found you created {more} drama when things didn’t go according to your time line?the time God has given us is so very precious.  i pray i {and we} will treat it as the precious gift it is, each moment.  soli deo gloria! Leslie says:

my first creative girl ~

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hi there ~as i’ve mentioned in an earlier post, recently, i had the opportunity to take a class from danielle donaldson. the class {through the jeanne oliver website, is called “the land of light and shadows.”  this “creative girl” project was one of the pieces she showcased for us to express in our own interpretation, so here is my first “girl sketch” …

eucharisteo life ~ expressed in a watercolor sketch

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hi friends ~i recently took a springtime class “saturday mornings” from the demure, charming, and very creative artist, junelle jacobsen.   this sketch was something she developed in acrylic paint, but i was more in the mood for the lightness of watercolor.  and it’s a new favorite because of the beauty of discovering this word, through the book, “one thousand gifts” by …

the sparrow ~ from my sketchbook

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hi there ~looking forward to seeing the spring sparrows… and while they haven’t quite made an appearance in our yard yet… they surely have made an appearance in my sketchbook!{thank goodness!}and while i’m at it…every sparrow needs a little bit of glamor, right?  let’s just call it … frost! yes!  i know so, too! sweet spring… sweet spring ~ not to worry,  …

walking the line{s} ~

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hello lovelies ~ i think i’ve finally begun to realize i don’t always enjoy “coloring within the lines” … and in saying that, i also recognize that it was one of those ‘under the radar’ suggestions that became “the rule” i remember growing up with from early childhood when our main art tools were coloring books and’s time to break …

from my sketchbook ~ pure in heart

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hi friends ~ it’s a beautifully simple message.  perfectly on the mark for valentine’s week.full of hope. full of promise.and it’s {always} a matter of the heart.because… that’s where it truly must begin. thank God… we can do just that when we put our heart in His hands. {thankful for that miracle} soli deo gloria ~ xo leslie Leslie says:

sketchbook ~ livin’ on a prayer

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hey friends ~ here’s a bit of a sketch and a prayer. or a prayer and a sketch.i like that.alot. or… {if you need further inspiration, you can rock out to bon jovi’s song “livin’ on a prayer!”} lolin my recent memory ~ albeit ‘sketchy’ {forgive the pun?}… i recently saw a geranium somewhere… maybe it was from a stamp in a catalog… …

mixed media flower ~ winter’s daisy

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hi ~this is a mixed media-styled watercolor piece, created in my large scale, moleskine watercolor journal.  it’s size is 8.5″ x 12″ {and i love playing in this larger venue}this is the photo story, of how the piece progressed {the best i can recall, that is!}the first photo below shows the initial color, using sennelier watercolors, and then my first …

healed and whole ~ sketchbook

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thank you all ~ for your kind words, your prayers, encouragement, and love. i am thankful to each and every one of you. my mom passed into heaven today.  sweetly embraced in the Father’s arms forevermore; “the wounds this world left on my soul, will all be healed and i’ll be whole.” I thank Him for a mom who loved …

fear not ~ sketchbook love

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greetings on the first of november ~ we all know ~ life is full of challenges.   particularly as i contemplate “what’s next” in the decisions i must make for a depressed and addiction-oriented parent ~ my mom. now struggling with confusion, physical limitations, medications and many ongoing emotional issues, which she has had for as long as i can …

child’s play with gelli prints

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hey there ~i love making gelli-printed papers. the whole process is fascinating just playing with the color and textures… then there’s the challenge of  actually using those pretty prints in some type of artistic expression.  this time, i cut them up into petal shapes and glued them into my sketchbook, using gel medium.   and who doesn’t like to cut, glue and paste?  …

summer bliss ~

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hello sweets!  today i’m sharing some of my new watercolor sketches. i’ve so enjoyed our beautiful, cool and bright, early summer mornings ~ ahh… how i love sweet peas!  and it just so happened that a few were blooming in the back alley next to our fence.  each morning before work, just when the sun would light them up so pretty, …

define yourself ~ from my sektchbook

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good morning glories!!!this is one of my favorite journal~watercolor pages… just a lot of bright, bold color laid down this way and that.  i am trying to be more deliberate about leaving white space, and i’m getting {only slightly} better about it.   i used a very large, bold, chisel-tipped black sharpie pen for the initial writing of letters, and outlining them black, raised …

a confident woman ~ from my sketchbook

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good friday to you all! i’m looking ahead at a three day weekend… the day off… a badly needed haircut, a nice birthday dinner for my husband, the beautiful scent of the apple trees in our yard blooming… and maybe even some warm weather!!!  woot woot!it’s also my husband’s birthday… our anniversary … and mother’s day.  just a trifecta of …

Sketchbook ~ ‘Yellow Wild Roses

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happy spring day, bloggy friends ~these pages in my sketchbook remind me of the yellow roses that grew in front of my grandmother’s home, which smelled sooooo good!  a favorite childhood memory for sure… these were created using twinkling h2o’s watercolor pigments, and my pitt pen.  love the time i get in the sketchbook!  have a great one ~  thanks …