takin’ the high road to upper highwood creek ~

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good morning glories ~  

if you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you know that i very much enjoy “getting out” into the gorgeous montana landscapes that are everywhere here!  

this is one of our favorite places… the highwood mountains, and the photos i took last weekend when we decided to take a little sunday drive detour on our way home from church.

oh for the love of a sweet autumn… via the road {somewhat} less travelled to upper highwood creek:

one has to catch autumn fast in the mountains, the bushes lose their leaves first, and then the cottonwoods…

there’s nothing to compare to getting down low!  the view is  as spectacular down low as it is up higher… {except for a few thorns in my hand!}  lol

and… the “bridges of choteau county!”

and upper highwood creek, shining in the afternoon sun:

ahhh yes.  i could definitely live here:

all in God’s good time… and glory alleluia.  amen.

have a wonderful autumn weekend!  i’ve got a few major projects to share, so we’ll see ya back here on monday!!

blessings on your day!
soli deo gloria!

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  1. I love seeing your amazing work but I also love when you share the Montana countryside , just beautiful , thanks so much for sharing .

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