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good morning sweet peas ~

i hope you enjoy my shot of a new sweet pea shoot … they are so pretty! 

first, a question asked of me in yesterday’s post was why i use polyester and cotton together, in top and bobbin thread. my simple answer:  because it makes sense; aesthetically, practically, and economically for the type of quilting i do. really… there is {nowadays} no need to keep the thread content the same. especially once you understand tension and thread weight.

this is something i speak passionately about in the TNT {threads needles tension} classes i teach. for years, most of us in the quilt scene were taught we should not ‘cross over’ with polyester threads, kind of like a purist thing. well, this is part of how i judge that decision process. if i was making an heirloom quilt, and used all cotton fabrics, and felt that cotton threads would enhance the entirety and traditional feel of the overall piece, or it was going into a museum, to be handed down to generations… {never touched} or maybe something i wanted to be kept ‘pristine’ for authenticity ~ perhaps then i would keep my thread choices more ‘pure’ so to speak. 

the concept that was generally accepted “in the day” was that polyester thread would ruin a quilt top. not true. ANY thread will wear through fabric, and in many cases, both thread and fabric will wear given any kind of practical use or washing. i highly recommend bob purcell’s explanation of this issue in his video, free for viewing on the superiorthreads.com site. he’s definitely an expert and explains this far better than i!  and i for one, bought that video years ago, studied it, and still rely on his expertise, and really ~ that is why i quilt with the threads i use.

thank you for asking!!  so… do ya wanna dance… or i mean,  dance with the stars threads?  check out my post learning the thread tango… and i wrote another post about here.  wanna know more about bobbin play? check it out, here.  how about tension issues?  look here!

so on to today’s quilt.  get ready for another shocker ~ here’s another totally muted color! this commercial batik just seemed to say “i’m so pretty and elegant ~ quilt feathers into me!” so elegant feathers it was, yet simple lines. i kept all the ‘outside’ quilting surrounding the feathers in straight lines, but at right angles to each other so there was harmony, not only would the fabric be beautiful to see, but your eyes would be drawn to the soft, undulating feathers. i gave them a bit more accent by adding three outlining borders, in a contrasting color, but subtle thread that matched the inside swirl-spine line. i really also like that there is just one motif; a ‘woven mat’ look in the quilting pattern i used to surround the feathers, instead of multiple motifs.  there is just a sweet, restful peace about it.  

triple line outlining… i’m getting better at keeping the space between a little more consistent and neat… slowly and surely!

almost forgot to say ~ below photo is the back side.  isn’t that beautiful fabric?  i love that it matches the front, too.  of course, it will be reversible as well.

the dark brown thread is king tut, 40 wt 100% cotton.  razzle dazzle bobbin play {the thick outlining  shiny metallic thread} in peach, which i also couched into the binding seam using my #39 bernina clear embroidery foot. accent and spine quilting thread was 40 wt 100% poly, superior rainbows, in a soft peach.  and i loved playing with these muted colors. 

thanks for hangin’ out with me!! {more to come!}

enJoy your day!

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  1. Love your quilting and the bobbin play – I'm longing to use it for way too long. And I love that you used it around the binding as well, I usually make piped binding, but this seems to be much faster and having the same effect!!
    Love your work!!

  2. I love your quilting and specially the bobbin work!!! I'm for sooooo long longing to try that but still didn't find the time or the right project or courage, who knows. I sometimes do piped binding, but I love your way as well, it's definitely much faster and have the same effect!!

  3. Another very beautiful piece of work!
    Thank you for answering my question about your thread choice. I always find it interesting to find out how people make the thread choice they do. I am forever experimenting with combinations to find what I like.

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