tender mercies ~

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hi there friends,

i ventured out into the bitter cold morning today a few minutes before i went into my office.

to see what i could see along a stunning {and stinging} cold, wintery morning along the river.

to thank God.

to embrace the bitter cold, and rejoice in the magnificent glory of the Creator.

and be glad for warmth. for love. for tender mercies.

little did i know when i took this picture today, just how much i would need to hear the words that follow… written by one of my favorite authors, susie larson.

“May God Himself surround you with His tender mercies and grace today. May He heal your soul so you can live by faith. Where you once reacted out of your insecurities, may you respond in faith knowing you possess all in Christ. Where you once white-knuckled your worries may you release every care to Him and lift your hands in praise. You are not made for this world. You’re only passing through. May you live as the divinely loved and called soul you are!”

{thank you}
blessings upon you all ~

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  1. Very Lovely Leslie, so good to remind ourselves that we are of this world and not apart of it, and to take hold of the goodness of GOD, and to keep on keeping on in our calling, and our mission in this journey of love. All my prayers and love.
    1 Peter 2:9

  2. May God bless you, Les. I was reminded this morning that heaven is our home and we are just a passing through! A friend once told me to 'live lightly' on this earth. 🙂

  3. The mist on the water is breathtaking. The words are lovely, too. I pray God's mercy and grace are evident to you today in all you do.

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