Textiva Film

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I love playing with TEXTIVA film!  It’s so pretty… and shiny … did I mention that it is so … shiny and pretty?!!

And so many beautiful colors. Ethreal looking, sheer and semi-transparent…

and fusible… but only to itself, or to it’s sister product – Angelina fibers.  You can scrunch it, like the wrinkled piece above, on top of the new package. Lovely texture! I do love to play with this stuff!  Here are the directions straight from the package:

It’s best to have a teflon sheet… or a piece of parchment paper, to fuse the fibers or textiva on.

Textiva is also fun to cut up!  And it is what I began some of the embellishment on my quilt “Summer Shimmer.”

I hope you will try it!

I’ve cut it into simple, randomly cut strips, using the rotary cutter.

I’ve just chopped it up, randomly.  But you could certainly make obvious, deliberate shapes of your own choosing.

Make up your own recipe!  Here I mixed three different colors of angelina fibers, and sprinkled the cut-up textiva pieces on top.  Next, I laid over the corner of the teflon sheet, and pressed… for about FIVE SECONDS!  It’s that fast!  Leave your iron on it longer, and it will discolor… which may be a good or a bad thing, depending on your ideas… personal style, and intended use.

It is finished!  Ready to embellish.  Now you can just place it on your fabric, paper, or clothing item.  I stitch right over it.  I can also tear it, precision cut it into specific shapes… or not!  Tomorrow’s post will show more about ANGELINA FIBERS.  EnJOY!

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  1. I love your work and the fact that you share so much. Can you explain the difference between textiva film and angelina fibers. Thanks.

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